Monday, September 3, 2012

Trip part VIII-- wash out at the zoo

I left last time with our seeing the geyser.  At this point, I said maybe just a tiny sprinkle would feel just awesome.  One of the kids said "maybe God will make it rain."  Umm, be careful what you ask for kiddo! 

First attempt at a family photo shot by the bison statue.  No good.  

Take 2.  Alex is looking up and the rest well, some eyes closed, some mouths opened, some not looking, etc.  Better luck next time.  Shortly after this,  the bottom fell out of the sky and let buckets of rain loose.  We were wringing our shirts out like crazy.

Hard to believe they're only a year apart.  I think the brothers are coming around.  What do you think?  

Why not stop and play in the rain.  Yes, thunder was happening around us.   No lightening though so no biggie.

Obviously, we had to take off Nik's implants.  Dog gone it I want those Neptunes!  

Little Bit who used to be terrified of water was dancing and running in the rain.  I know it doesn't look like it in the picture but she was just happy as could be.  Far cry from last soccer season where she froze on the field in an emotional bubble.  Couldn't break her out of the cycle.  Realized she probably hadn't felt rain on her.  Well, she got broken in quickly with water and it shows just fine now.  She loves it!  

On our way out of the zoo.  It just was not going to let up for quite some time.  So, decided since we have year passes, we'll come back in the fall and come again.  We even missed the 4-D show.  

Drowned rats is the look, don't you know.  Umm, we thought one pair of shoes each was enough for such a short trip.  Yep.  Soak and wet sneakers for all.  Alex decided he should dump his the rv.  

Alyona helping Summer open her bag of chips.  

 Some of the boys getting ready to eat lunch and more importantly, drink. 

I served sub sandwiches for lunch, apples, and macaroni salad.  We ate and tried to dry off.  Hence, the bath towels that we did not leave back at the campground were used.  

Apples of course became a staple on this trip.  LOL.  Shoot, with 2.5 bushels full, we could have been stranded for a week and it would have been fine.  After getting rained out at the zoo about mid-way through, we headed back to the campgrounds.  Not knowing what we'd find.  Ahh, Mother Nature.

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