Monday, September 3, 2012

Trip part VII-- zoo continued

I still have many pictures from the zoo so hope you don't mind.

What in the world just hatched?!  

Summer had to get her turn in.

Yana fits in here too.

Bojan bought 2 bottles of water.  He was the only one w/ cash on hand.  I said I'd pay him back.  One bottle for the girls, one for the boys.  Drinking right before going into the zoo just was not enough at this point of time.  We were all feeling the effects of needing water.  BTW, I could have bought 3 cases of water for the price of these two bottles.  We tried cooling off w/ the misters and water fountains but it just seriously was not enough.

Boys studying the honeycomb.  Nik was fascinated w/ teh live bees they had making honey.  Was very cool.  Everyone was trying to hurry him up though as it was just so hot in there.

Resting.  At this point I just wanted to lose the two up front here.  URGHH!!!  Even the other kids were complaining about them.  You'd think they'd never walked a day in their lives.  It was pathetic.  Reni and Logan were the worst we've ever had complaining.  I told them in the fall when we go hiking, you may just get left behind.  We're done listening to it.  It would be different if they hadn't been here for months or if they're not used to the heat.  They stay outside all day long at home in the heat and play soccer in the heat.  They were just full of it.  Can you tell I was not happy w/ either of them?

Here is Alex trying to speed pokey along.  Logan was always, always in the back.

First attempt for a family picture at the bisons.  Fail.

Second attempt, fail.  Oh well, we'll attempt another later.

Camera man, watching the geyser.  It really was cool.  BTW, Nik is not wet from the water, he's wet from sweat!  His implants quit working.

Geyser.  Umm, is the sky looking a tad gray to you??  And that would be a storm a brewing.  All were complaining.  We were going to press on.  But, something stopped that from happening.  More to follow. 

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