Sunday, September 2, 2012

Trip part VI-- the zoo

After we got off the tram, we started walking.  First stop was the giraffes.

A baby giraffe was born recently.   Isn't he cute??

I always thought the zebras were cool.  

Everyone getting a good look.  The zebras actually came up close.  

Alyona actually stop to look at some information.  I was impressed.  We were at the elephants.

Summer checking out some elephants.  We all wanted to jump in the pond.

Bojan and Yanad.  

Mom, are you really going to make me sit on here?  What a look.

Tried to get the whole bunch to smile but no such luck.  It was too hot to put anyone in a certain place.  Maybe next time.

Bojan wanting to wrestle.  Hey, this one doesn't move like his brothers.

Alyona enjoying this one.  Unfortunately, she will never ever be able to pilot a plane.  Or drive for that matter due to her ONH (optic nerve hypoplasia).  However, she can very easily enjoy being a passenger.

I'd be scared if these two ever piloted a plane!  

Max wanting a picture so he can draw it later.  Would be a cool car.  

After this elephant area, we passed a set of misters.  Sad when there is a line to stand under the mister tree to get wet.  LOL.  The crowd all wished we could turn them up higher.  Yes, that hot.  Well, enough posts for today.  More to come tomorrow.  Thanks for tagging along on our adventure.

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  1. The pics are great! So colorful.