Sunday, September 2, 2012

Trip part V-- going to the zoo

It was Saturday morning and the plan was to go to the zoo.  We got up and had breakfast.  Nothing special.  Well, kind of as I rarely ever buy cereal.  So, cereal and fresh strawberries it was. 

This shot is to show you just how hot it is outside.  This was early morning.  And look at the condensation on this camera.  That's a sign it's going to be a hot day.

Kids waiting to go to the zoo.  Told Yana the dress may be a bit hot for the zoo but up to her.  She later changed.  Oh, that camper next door, is a teacher.  A special ed teacher from another county.  Get this, she was taking her grandsons rv'ing up and down the east coast this summer!  How awesome is that?!  They saw the Cape Hatteras lighthouse, the Statue of Liberty and so many other things.  Just cool to talk to them.  

Yep, she's excited to go to the zoo.

Bojan is thinking it may be a tad hot to walk around all day in the hot sun.


Umm, are you stinky there Nik?

Alyona helping Daddy put somethings away in the tent.  Notice, the tent door is closed.  this is crucial in case it rains you know.

Everyone just waiting to leave.

Arrived at the zoo and parked in the bus parking lot for obvious reasons.  

Waiting in line for the tram.  Everyone is just starting to complain about the heat.  Now, before we went into the zoo, I made everyone chug down 1 bottle of water.  Some drank two bottles.  I was hoping that would be enough to tide us over.  I would be dead wrong later.

Still waiting for the tram.  Bored kids?

Now Summer thought this was the best ride ever!  They thought they would be riding this the whole time.  Ummm, nope kids.  Reni and Logan were by far the WORST complainers we have ever had!  I was thoroughly disappointed in them bu tget to that later.  How can you resist that face??  Next posts...the zoo. 

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