Monday, September 3, 2012

Trip part IX-- deciding what to do

Well, we headed back to the campgrounds.  Sun slowly started to come out.  Yeh, that would be short-lived but I'll get to that one.

Okay, so you see that tent in the background?  That one is ours.  Notice something?  Yeh, look closely.  Someone forgot to shut the door!  In the torrential down pour of a rain.  Their sleeping bags, pillows, clothes, towels, etc. were in there.  Meaning, nothing left for the teens.  At this point it is looking grim and we were making the decision whether to stay or go.

Another view of everyone.  Nik without a shirt, Logan and everyone else just trying to dry off.  

Summer would be happy anywhere in the world.  She is just always smiling.

But, she too has her limits.  The shirt had to come off.  She wanted to be like her brothers.  LOL.  Oh well.  No shoes for anyone as they were soaked.  We were all barefoot at this point.

The boys are not looking so thrilled right now.  Girls were doing a much better job of sucking it up.  

What else is a mom to do?  How about feed them all chocolate.  See, it was so dog gone hot, it all melted.  So, figured I'd just hand it out as s'mores were going to be out of the question.  They didn't mind.  Well, all but Yana b/c she's been begging for s'mores for some time now.  And yes, they all got one but Nik decided he'd wait to eat it.  

Nik, really enjoying every minute of this candy bar a little too much.  

Think Logan is a little mad we're not staying??  

Yana was actually relieved when we said we weren't staying and making them sleep in the rained out tent w/ wet pillows.  She was left w/ pajamas.  Hey, you go with the flow when mishaps happen.

Some of us decided to stay in the rv and watch a movie...Diary of  a Wimpy Kid.  The rest headed out to play some last moments of ball, bounce pillow, etc.  I promised to take Nik and Summer in a bit.  So, we're watching a movie and another down pour happens.  Just won't let up.  Other kids didn't come back though.  They played through the rain as they felt they were already soaked.  

Got to get some more done.  We made more homemade applesauce today with all the apple orchard apples.  So many apples and we're making just about everything.  It's great.  We had potato soup tonight too which hit the spot.  Then, some lemon pound cake (the only thing not homemade this go around).  All was delicious.  We all decided we want an apple peeler for Christmas.  I think one or 2 more set of trip pictures.  I'm sure you're bored to death already.

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