Sunday, September 2, 2012

Trip (part IV)-- setting up camp

After the pottery museum, we decided going out to eat would be best.  One, we weren't even sure we had a grill at the campgrounds to cook with.  And two, we were so exhausted from the heat at this point in time and did not know how long it would take us to set up the rv.  Remember, first time we're using it to actually camp in versus just transportation.  So, locals said there is a great pizza place we must try.  So, we did.

Sir Pizza.  HIGHLY suggest it!  Great prices and some of the best pizza we've ever had.

Logan, reading the menu.  I really don't know why they were all reading the menu as I told them all right off the bat we're' getting water and pizza.  Period.

 The bunch waiting for their food.  Notice camera man on the end trying to get the same shot.

Love the feel of the restaurant.  Rarely do you see old panelled walls any more and that lighting.  Very friendly staff and just pleasant to sit down.  Bojan, giving me a smile.  All of us were thrilled to finally be eating something other than fruit and water.  LOL.

This was the best pizza.  We got 4 larges which were 16".  2 cheese, one deluxe and one beef & onion.  Yum.  Had a whole pizza left over which was gone later that evening at the campgrounds.

After dinner, off to the campgrounds.  We kept missing our road or taking the wrong way.  See, I forgot to print off directions.  Just another one of those little things that went wrong & became annoying.  But, we did arrive and that's what counts.

Kids set up the tent for the teens to sleep in.  

Did I mention someone broke some of the poles to go in it??  We improvise well.  RV took awhile to set up as it was our first time and a hilly site.  Hard getting the automatic hydraulic jacks to level up.  But, it eventually got as close as we could.  Oh, and the part Warren go, was manufactured wrong.  So, again he had to fix it.

Neighbors next to us have kids and dogs too.  It was their first time using their travel trailer.  So, we were all in this together.  Most campgrounds everyone comes together to help each other out which was nice.  Remember this for later in the story.  Of course my kids are not shy so introductions were made immediately and their kids and ours hit it right off!  Bojan even found a girl!  Really enjoyed talking to this family.  

Once the RV was set up, we heard, there's water leaking out the side!  Hard to see in this picture but that is NOT suppose to happen folks.  Warren and Max made a slight mistake (I think they did something w/ the valve but not sure) and this was the result.  It got fixed very easily though.  

Got the littles in bed.  Nik and Summer slept on the dinette that converts to a bed.  Must be nice to lay down, watch tv and eat grapes.  What a life!  

Kids hanging out.  Getting ready for bed.  Teens were beat and already hit the tent.

younger kids hanging out and watching a movie.  I think we played Pirates of the Caribbean that evening.  

This is where Warren and I sleep.  In the back  

 Nik's gear goes everywhere.  Plugs in easy.  Nik even packed this all up himself for the trip.  He knows.

Still wide awake.  Will anything tire them out?

Max getting the sofa bed ready for use.  Three people slept on this one. 

Okay, what I don't have pictures of is what happened shortly after the water leak.  See, we told Summer to go inside for a bit and watch a movie.  She was really exhausted and just needed some down time.  RV was plugged in at this point and on.  What we did not realize was there keys were in there.  We needed to get in and guess what?  Yep, locked!  And not just a little locked.  There are deadbolts on that sucker too!  Now, at this point, we're trying not to panic.  Kind of hard when your 5yo who is mentally much younger inside alone w/ the driver's seat all exposed.  We were up on the steps, signing to her, talking to her, etc. trying to explain how to open the door latches.  Remember, she does NOT know colors yet and directions are vague for her.  And right/ left things are hard for her.  She does not know left from right.  Neighbors were trying to help us as well.  We actually had her go to the driver's seat.  Hydraulic levers are below so figured she couldn't hurt those.  Now, this child was happy as a clam to be in there by herself.  Couldn't understand all the fuss.  Somehow, some way, we managed to get her to open the sliding window and screen.  Warren reached his hand in and opened the door and got her out.  Everyone is cheering and this kid I know is thinking this is some sort of parade.  URGHH!!!  Lesson learned.  Believe it or not, we went to bed early that night then we have in months.  Too bad I couldn't sleep all that well.  Decent night and we got up for breakfast.  Cereal and fresh strawberries were on the menu.  More to come.  My hands need a break from typing.

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