Sunday, September 2, 2012

Trip (part III)-- Museums

After sweating like pigs, we said oh let's go to the museums next as they'll be air conditioned!  Kids were ready for some really cold air.  So were we.  So, off to the Harley Davidson Museum. 

Nik, taking a picture of the sign.

This is what you walk up to.  Awesome!  However, it was upstairs.  We walked in the door, the guy says, "museum is upstairs but the A/C is broken."  NOT what we want to hear.  Remember, we're already sweating still.

Max learning and studying some things.  Was tons to see and cool stuff.  It was just too dog gone hot to stay.

This is only one of 3 in existence!  Kind of cool, huh?  Tons of neat facts in here.  Wished it weren't a steam oven.  We could have learned so much more.

All Nik's idea.  Logan took his picture.  Too funny.

Nik wanted a picture.  Logan borrowed the camera.  Nik liked the side car one and decided he wanted one of those to ride in.

Max helping the younger ones understand a few things.

The girls looking around.  All were picking out which bikes they wanted.

My kids wondered if these o-l-d looking gas pumps were around when I was younger.  They've never seen one w/out electronic workings, I'm sure.  

We then drove to Seagrove.  Like 5 minutes or so down the road.  Ready for some A/C again.  Plus, I was on a mission to find a pie plate.  My only one broke recently.  See, Warren and I got it for a wedding gift.  I really wanted another one.  And, Seagrove is the pottery mecca.  Where all the pottery artists go.  Not kidding.  It is.  Festivals and all.  Known nationwide for it.  

Good news is that the museum is free and had working A/C!  Very small however.  Displayed a few different artists and we got to ask the lady where some shops were that we could go to.  Plus, being in here for long made me nervous w/ the kids wandering around.  

So, went to one pottery shop.  Kids looked around and girls of course enjoyed it more than the boys.  They had funny looking jugs that we're pretty cute.  Apparently, they're supposed to ward off evil spirits.  Wanted one but my mission & budget was for that pie plate.  Obviously, couldn't find one like the one I had but found what Irina & I liked.  So, bought one!  Just in time for all the apple pies we must make.  I'll have to take a picture.  After this, we headed out to eat.  It was not on the plans but w/ being so hot & not knowing if the camp grounds had grills, this was the way to go.  Next post coming up. 

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