Sunday, September 2, 2012

Trip-- part II (apple orchard)

Pulled into the apple orchard.  To say it was hot would be a dramatic understatement.  It was brutally hot and humid.  But, we knew it wouldn't take all that long to pick them so we trudge on. 

 Max was able to pick both high and low apples.  It was great. 

My youngest apple picker this year!  Isn't she a little dumpling?

Alex is already done.  Younger kids got the bags and then helped the rest of us fill up the baskets.  

Nik would not go anywhere w/out his camera.  He's the resident picture taker.  Well, him and Reni.

Reni, quite happy w/ her pickings.

This is ALL ours.  2.5 bushels of apples!  We picked honey crisp and golden delicious varieties.  Red delicious variety was also ready for picking.  The more you pick, the cheaper it is.  We paid $1.10 a pound.  Not bad.  However, I really did not intend to spend $107.  Gulp!  We are today making apple butter in the crock pot, apple crisp to eat, eating the apples, and making apple jelly and apple sauce later.  Going to hopefully have a supply of 'apple stuff' for a few months time frame.  That's the goal any way.  If my kids would stop eating the dog gone apples!

This is just part of the inside of the barn.  SO tempting to get some homemade jellies.  We didn't.  Would have loved to though. 

Trying to cool off in front of a giant fan.  Very, very hot.  They gave us all a sample of apple cider slushies.  VERY delicious.  Would have loved to all get one but couldn't justify the cost w/ just spending over a hundred on apples.  LOL.  

Alyona helping Reni with a push.

Reni, really enjoying her tire swing ride.  This place had 4 tire swings.  And beautiful trees to climb.  Picnic tables but way too hot to eat.  Not a soul was eating out there if that tells you anything.

Nik, trying to knock down summer as he swings.  Typical brother.

Everyone trying to cool down after picking apples.  It was just so stinking hot.  And humid hot.  Awful.  Sat in the rv to cool down and have a snack.  Apples of course!  We had grapes earlier in the morning along w/ chips.  now, apples and water.  Fridge had not cooled down enough to cool the water down.  Lesson for next trips in the summer time will be bags of ice in the cooler to have for drinks.

This was the Harley Davidson Museum we went to.  Looks cool, huh?  We walked inside.  It was free.  More on the museums in a bit.  Right now, going to help find Nik's t-mic.  Fell off and it's the only one he's got. 

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