Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Treasure and toothlessness

I know I missed yesterday but we had soccer practice and frankly the day got away from me.  I have quite a few posts to catch up on (as usual) and quite a few happenings to share around here.  For now, a few quick posts until later this evening.  We have church clubs tonight so will be busy for a bit. 

The other day we found an awesome chest at the Goodwill.  Very beautiful and very well made.  Nicely hand crafted.  You can tell.  Picked it up and brought it home for the boys.  For now though, it was downstairs.  Max needed to fix the hinge on it.  Alyona decided it was a wonderful place to sleep.  She wondered why we wouldn't let her sleep there.

Nik lost a tooth at dinner the other evening.  He was thrilled.  Loves to get the dollar the next morning.  Shortly after, he lost another the next day.  Now, he waits to spend his money.  

Reni was shocked when her brothers wanted to pull her tooth that was just hanging there.  She wanted no part of it.

Max messing with her and joking he was going to rip it out.  Looks like she's being smothered but promise you she's not.  Reni lost a tooth and was going to throw it out the window as that is what they did in Bulgaria.  There is no tooth fairy at the orphanage so to say she was shocked she got money, is an understatement.  The other kids thought she was crazy for wanting to throw it out the window.  

Very short post for now.  More coming.  Need to go put the barbeque chicken in the oven.  Clubs are this evening so time schedule we must keep.  Thankfully, no happenings tomorrow so staying put and getting stuff done.  Yeh, I say that but somehow it never seems to happen that way. 

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