Monday, September 10, 2012

Thank you-- in chocolate

Last week, I watched a friend's daughter.  She wanted to thank me. 

 Box that the delicious goodness came in. 

All wrapped up and safe and sound.  

You almost don't want to eat this pretty thing.  You notice I said almost.  

Nik not even looking at the camera.  Just chowing down.  

Seriously, this was the best chocolate cheesecake ever!  So rich and creamy.  We all loved it.  The lady that made it used to make cheesecakes for a living.  She knows her stuff.  Been wanting one of these creations for some time now.  We cut the slices in half as it was so rich.  Even Irina who is not a fan of cheesecake ate a piece.  Now, we're hooked.  LOL.  We...want....MORE!!!  Thanks so much Tonya for the cheesecake.  It was greatly appreciated.

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