Monday, September 24, 2012

Soccer Try Outs

A few weeks ago the kids had try outs at Upwards Soccer.  Okay, I started and finished this entire post and Blogger lost it.  It's the way it goes some times.  So, time to try again.  Guarantee you this time it's not going to be as long.  LOL.

Warren filling out forms.  Ironically, I left the filled out ones at home.  Got to love it when that happens.  Hoping next year maybe we can fill them out online.  

Summer, finding entertainment.

Nik, showing off his skills.  

Logan, almost falling to try to beat Alex's time in running.  He didn't do it.  There is a reason that Alex's nickname is Dash.  One day, Logan will learn that.  LOL.  

Summer, not even phased by a clock.  To think, last year she couldn't run w/out falling down.  Look at her now.  

Waiting in line for their turn to play against the coach.

Logan practicing against Coach Chris.  This man is incredible w/ the youth of this soccer league.  Just incredible.  All the kids admire him and respect him.  Nice to see such great values taught to the youth of today. 

Alex and Logan taking on each other.  Well, that can't end well.  LOL.

Constant competition for these two.

My two now 3rd graders stopping to pose.

Alex is ready to play some serious ball against Coach Chris.

Not sure these two are ready for each other.  Alex eats, lives and breaths soccer.  Any chance he gets, he's playing soccer.  Doesn't matter where we are.  This is his passion, his life.  He is one of these kids that just has innate talent for a sport.  I'm not bragging, just sharing how he plays and that this is "his" thing.  We've been stopped on the ball field multiple times about how he plays.  We were stopped years ago when he played baseball b/c of one of his hits.  They thought for sure on the other field it was a teen playing...not some 6yo boy.  He is this way w/ practically every sport.  Soccer, baseball, basketball.  Kind of has that natural athletic ability.  He is not allowed to play football or wrestling as those are against doctor's orders due to it being a contact sport.  Remember, Alex has the one kidney deal.  He's already asked the older kids when he can play in middle school.  7th grade is the rule at their school.  I was hoping it was 6th.  

Next season, he will not be in Upwards.  We were recommended he be in a higher level this season but they let us put him in there which I appreciated  very much.  See, despite Alex being very good, he still has life lessons and things that must be learned.  Due to his past, it takes longer than most his age.  He is getting there surely but slowly.  Partly due to the fact we told him shape up or no soccer next season.  He lives for this remember.  A loss for his team is a loss for him.  It truly hurts him.  He learns tricks on the tv from You Tube.  He watches a game any chance he gets.  Studies it.  If only this drive related to a few other things.  We will support Alex in soccer if he so chooses it as a career if that opportunity would present itself.  However, it is our job as parents to also make sure he is well grounded and well adjusted human being.  Mean time, we just enjoy watching them play.  I really haven't said much of Alex's athleticism in the past.  I thought it was time.  BTW, he has NO IDEA just how good he really is.  He sees himself as another player on a team.  That's just how we want it for now.  I don't know what the future may bring for Alex.  For any of them for that matter.  Each one of our kids has their "niche" and we support whatever it is.  One day, I'll film him.  From the time we brought him home, Alex has always, always HAD to either kick or throw a ball.  Think OCD.  Seriously.  It drove us crazy but it was something inside of him he couldn't control.  I guess part of it was his passion.  don't worry, he still gets in trouble for throwing or kicking a ball in the house.  LOL. 

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