Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Soccer for Summer

This past weekend, Summer had a soccer game.  Thought I'd take you through a bit of soccer.  5 of ours play Upwards Soccer.  We have been very blessed with awesome coaches and people at Faith Alliance Church in Garner.  We attend a different church but Faith Alliance is so welcoming.  Every Saturday, we have games.  It is a process for us to get ready.  Despite my many attempts to have things ready the night before, it never seems to go according to plan. 

We wake up oh way too early for a smile.  But she smiles all the time.  Soccer mornings is typically toast and bananas for breakfast.  Or whatever fruit is available.  Conveniently, I left some on the floor over there.  By a cooler from our trip in the beginning of September.  You can see we're super fast at putting things away.  We'd fail miserably at being survivalists.  LOL.  

They have to get their water bottles ready.  Alyona is getting Summer's ready for her.  Sweet.

Nik, getting his water ready.  Of course camera hog wanted a shot.

It was picture day but honestly, I can't afford the picture package for all of them.  So, I took a quick one.  I'll do a better one in the yard this weekend and maybe we can  print it off and frame them as a surprise for the end of the season for the kids.  

Now that's a serious soccer face.  

Nik's game started shortly after this one so he was watching Summer while he waited.  

Summer, ready to play some soccer.

Summer is # 21 and ready for action.  She really gets right in there.  Not afraid of the ball one single bit.

Summer waiting for kick off.

Teams congratulating each other for a good game.

Summer with her snack of bananas and juice box.  A different parent brings snack each week.  I try to schedule all mine on the same day.  

Saying their team goodbyes.  

Summer, sharing her snack with Nik.  They really love each other. 

More posts in the works.  I'm just super behind this week adn super busy.  It happens.  Yana's birthday, Homecoming, and Camp Woodbine are this Saturday. Bojan is staying after school for trumpet tutoring.  His choice.  Taking the kids Friday to a corn maze locally and then probably out for pizza.  A shed has been ordered for the yard.  Wahoo!!!  A step closer to getting the girls to a room downstairs.  I will write a post on all the happenings later.  More than I can name.  We will be signing our re-fi papers soon.  Wahoo!!!  Got to go.  I made stuffed peppers for dinner this evening.  Yum.  Much more to come for sure.  And, if I have not gotten back to you yet, I do promise I will.  I have 25 emails in the cue right now to answer.  Funny thing is the other day I was excited as I was down to 9!  Never dull, huh.  Plan to get down to 15 this evening. 

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