Thursday, September 20, 2012

S'more fun

This past weekend we finally got around to doing s'mores.  See, I'd been promising Nik for quite some time.  Actually, since Sept. 1st.  When we went on our camping trip to the zoo, we were supposed to have s'mores that night.  Well, you all know that camping trip went wrong so s'mores delayed.  Nik kept asking and I kept telling him tomorrow or another day or whatever as we always seemed to have something come up.  The other day I was determined to get it done or the kid was going to explode.  LOL. 

Can you tell Max looks thrilled to be doing this now.

Okay, fire pit is out back.  It was soaked and wood was soaked so we decided to cheat.  We used a can of Sterno we have on hand.  Hey, there's a flame people.

Not the best face but he was enjoying it.  Bojan was taking pictures for me too.  I'm in the background getting stuck w/ the passing out of crackers and candy.  

Logan and Yana wanted to pose for the camera and be funny.  I think they were right on with it.

Total bliss for Summer.  She's a chocoholic just like her mom.  

Umm, I think there's a marshmallow under there.  

Alyona was showing us the fire.  Nik is on the left taking pictures.  Alex is looking a little nervous about the fire.

Yes, Reni is a s'mores fan as well.  Takes me awhile to get the stupid tales they tell orphanage kids out of their system but it's working.  See, Reni and a few of my others were all told they are allergic to chocolate.  Irina and Reni were specifically told this.  I think Alyona frankly just disobeyed the orders.  They come home I always reassure them they're not allergic to chocolate.  Takes some time.  Well, Reni is okay w/ chocolate anything now.  

Max, my multi- tasker.

Summer watching big brother carefully while Logan sneaks in for a shot.

Yep, redneck fire pit but it worked so can't complain.  It is our broken fountain w/a  Sterno on top.  Classy, I know.  

Alex and Reni have become closer lately.  Nice to see.  He's opening up to more sibling relationships lately.  The "pecking order" is gone.  Nik's in the picture taking a picture of course.  Kid loves his camera.   It's broken now but I got him one for his birthday.  Shh.

Bojan was thrilled I let him use the camera to take pics of everyone.  And, marshmallows were a hit as well. 

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  1. I live in the mountains and because it's been so dry this summer, we've had a fire ban. Now when we do s'mores, we throw briquettes into a foil lined Dutch oven and our family, along with the neighbors, gather round with our camp chairs and roasting sticks on the front drive. Ghetto, but it works:)