Sunday, September 9, 2012

Quick catch up post on weekend

Well, Saturday we had soccer all day.  PIctures still in the camera so I'll share later in the week.  After soccer, we came home and had lunch.  Then, Warren, Max, Summer and I went to the rv show.  I left them at home.  Alone.  Mistake.  Apparently, Logan and Nik were acting up quite a bit.  So was Alex but he settled down enough not to get in trouble.  Other little things happened as well.  Frustrating b/c I should be able to leave them alone.  Should.  Live and learn...again.  Next time, Logan and Nik will be made to come with us.  RV show was cool.  We were hoping they'd have more camping info, accessories, etc. but that really wasn't the case.  We did get to explore some really cool rv's though.  Once we wear this one out though, we'll be doing a bus conversion.  Like a real bus.  That should be a show in & of itself.  LOL.  Summer got to get her face painted.  She picked a tiger.  I didn't bring my camera along but snapped one once home.  Cutest tiger ever.  We also shared a funnel cake.  Boys don't like them.  Hey, their loss.  After the show, came home and Warren cooked dinner.  We all watched a movie and just chilled out a bit.

Today, plans were originally to go to church.  I know, we've been awful this summer.  The day though was so beautiful we really needed to use it to our advantage and work on this fence.  That's what we did.  The other kids and I worked on weeding and much needed yard work.  Thank goodness for Heather's recent gift!  That poison ivy cleansing foam is awesome!  I'm the one that needed it this time.  I was trying to weed out an area and it was covered in poison ivy.  Nice.  Mostly yard work all day long.  Then, took Yana and Alyona to youth group this evening at church.  We''ll pick them up shortly. 

Tonight, lots of work to be done.  I'll get there.  Post on FAS coming up soon.   Today is FASD Awareness Day.  More to come but need to get to mashing some potatoes and drag some kids in that think they live in the great outdoors.  More later this evening.


  1. My husband got poison ivy from carrying our goddaughter around after she had touched it. Little kids don't usually break out from contact, but they can transfer it to adults. He had poison ivy around his neck where her arms were and around his cheek and arms where she patted him. :)

  2. I forgot...I hope you got the Poison Ivy cream too. If you didn't please shoot me a line and I'll track it. If I don't hear, I'll figure you got it. :)