Thursday, September 20, 2012

Quick bit

Many have written and asked for our address.  I think I've written most of you back.  If not, I'm getting there.  The address is on the contact information on the right side of the blog.  Unfortunately, we haven't moved in years.  LOL.  Hey, at least the house can grow.  I can not express my gratitude adequately for those who want to help out and send Nik a card.  It really will mean the world to him.  He was playing birthday party w/ Summer today.  She collects things in a box to give him and vice versa.  Cute really.  And, I get to find all the missing things around the house.  It's great. 

Today the kids worked on school work all day.  Tomorrow is our field trip to the corn maze and then out to pizza (groupon..yeh!).  Afterwards, shopping w/ Yana for some last minute stuff for the dance.  Saturday is Camp Woodbine and can't wait to meet some new people and learn a few things.  Always great going to these things.  Vendors alone have answers sometimes of where to look for things.  Hoping to get info on an FM system and not one that is a pretty penny.  We come home from the camp and then help Yana get ready for Homecoming.  Sunday is church and then work on our yard stuff.  Busy weekend but I think we'll have a lot of fun while getting stuff done. 

I am determined to get organized soon.  Trying to keep piles straight if you know what I mean.  Homeschool is going alright.  part of my problem is I want to go faster than they do and I need to remember they need to go at their own pace.  So, my schedule of when we're starting what is off.  I had hoped to start weather this week but we're still on inventors and flying.  So, next week is weather.  I hope.  As long as they're learning, I'm okay w/ it all.  Reni is practicing her handwriting b/c out of all my kids, she was the messiest.  I will say it is SO much better.  Reni is like a sponge and wanting to soak things up.  Both commented to me that school here is much harder in America than in Bulgaria.  (I don't think that's true.  I just think the language barrier is still a huge part right now.  Though, both are indeed behind in math.  We'll get there slowly but surely though for sure.  I plan to send Logan and Alex to middle school next year so they must get it together.  We're trucking along here at our own pace. I just received the book it program.  When I told them what they had to do, they were horrified.  Tried to break it down but all were so literally.  So, Alyona and Reni came down w/ this huge stack of books.  I said it's NOT all for one day.  50 books over the entire month.  Then we get the free Pizza Hut pizza.  They are still confused but anxious to read more so we're going with it. 

Lots of little things going on here and there.  Next post I'll catch up on some pictures.  Well, dinner calls.  I let the kids have dessert first today.  Made a cake for no good reason.  Every once in awhile, dessert should go before dinner.  Today was that day.


  1. ahhh, I remember the Book-It Days when I was in elementary school. They still do that? Awesome!

  2. When will Reni go to public school? Are Reni and Logan homeschooled because of ESL? How are the ESL supports in NC?

  3. Stephanie, can you tell us how old he will be? I can't remember if it is 7 or 8. Can you give me some specifics of things he likes? You can email me if you like. I want to make his day. Thanks!