Sunday, September 30, 2012

More birthday wishes!

Not even his birthday yet and this kid is having the time of his life.  I'm not exaggerating w/ that statement either.  Nik has been all smiles for the past few days.  Incredible.  He is having so much fun going to the mailbox.  Every time he opens an envelope, he jumps up and down.  Every package, there are screams of delight every time he tears open the box.  I can honestly say it worked and he hasn't asked the past few days of when he's having friends over.  Tuesday, he's going to soccer and I'll take some cupcakes for them to celebrate with.  Can not wait.  If I do not show everything he received, I am sorry.  The kid opens the packages so fast, it's all I can do to snap a picture that isn't totally blurry.  Trust me, there isn't a thing he didn't like.  Okay, he was a little perplexed by the nail polish put in a box yesterday.  LOL.  (obviously, in there for the girls).  His reaction was priceless.  We were all laughing.  He kept signing girls, not boys. 

A close up of the kinex bulldozer that he built.  

Thanks Nana!  

Ahh, a chance for Max to use his knife.  

Nik wastes no time in opening these boxes.  

Curious minds want to know what's in there.  

Everyone wondering what could possibly be in that bag.

Nik is stunned it's orange...his favorite color.  LOVES orange.

Irina colored him a picture.  And, he wouldn't even put down the pillow for one second to hold up the picture.  That tells you how he felt about his new pillow.

Nik really enjoying his pillow pet before it even got upstairs.  

Even the older kids found something to do with the packaging.  

Next morning he came down with the pillow pet.  All smiles again.

He insisted the dog needed to eat his eggs for breakfast.  

Another cool card in the mail.  Sent via airmail even.

Of course, he always has an audience for the opening of cards.  

This card had really cool animal cards inside and Nik is showing them to me. 

Okay, let me first say my intentions during this whole request was to help Nik experience happiness for his birthday.  That has definitely been accomplished for sure.  He loves collecting all these cards.  They have been moved from the fridge to a door.  He received 2 of the singing cards and was so excited he could hear them.  Once Nik started getting cards, my intentions were to write a thank you to each person and the same for the gifts.  Well, throw kids into the mix and the road is paved w/ good intentions.  Some of the envelopes w/ addresses were not saved, things thrown out, etc.  Not knowing what came from whom.  I feel guilty b/c I truly wanted to thank each person individually and know now that will be impossible to accomplish.  I want to let you all know, this has done so much for Nik.  He is happy, he feels special and that is just how I wanted it for him on his birthday.  The generosity has been very overwhelming this week.  The kindness felt is just awe inspiring and truly makes you want to do something for someone else.  This level of generosity is to special to experience.  It has taught all my kids a few things.   What has surprised me the most is I have not seen jealously from them regarding Nik getting all the cards and gifts.  They've actually been genuinely excited for him.  All that candy that Nik shared didn't hurt the cause I think.  LOL.  I was just stunned they weren't jealous.  I mean, they are kids after all.  But Nik and Logan have been playing w/ the roller coaster non stop.  Max and Bojan have helped to build things.  Irina has helped w/ the glow sand.  Everyone has played a part.  I think this is what makes it special.  Everyone has come together for one person.  Lifting them up.  Love it.

There are so many to thank. I know it's just the beginning b/c Nik's birthday is this Wednesday and I've already been told more is coming by various folks.  He has been so blessed already.  He has gone to bed every night w/ an orange pillow and blanket.  Comfort.  He has carried around a bag of candy & passing it out...sometimes, to his siblings.  He has sat and watched a roller coaster for hours.  It's been awesome.  I have so many more pictures to share.  Today though, Alex and Yana are under the weather.  Though I can tell Alex is feeling better.  Yana is in her room w/ a sore throat.  No fever just feeling lousy.  We're getting things done today while letting everyone take a break from so much activity in recent weeks.  Nik has just discovered one of his gifts.  He and Summer are getting ready to use...wait for it...window markers!  Yes, someone gave him window markers (Katherine!) to draw all over the windows.  He is drawing spiders, pumpkins, and ghosts.  Summer is helping.  If everyone is up to par, we'll head to the corn maze later.  We have a Groupon and really must use it today.  Older kids don't want to go (understandable as it is kind of kiddish) so will veg out there.  This coming week is a big one for so many reasons.  Well, need to get a few things done.  More later.  I have plenty pictures of Nik and his gifts and cards. 


  1. When I see these pics of Nik opening his presents, I think of how he wrapped up all those things for Summer so she'd get the pleasure of opening presents. That post makes me smile every time I think about it. Nik might not have the best social skills, but he is big on empathy. It's great that he gets to open lots of things, too. What a big-hearted kid. :)

  2. Glad he is enjoying. I'm sure no one sent a card expecting a thank you note from a mom of 10! Just enjoy with him! :-)