Saturday, September 29, 2012

Miscellaneous pictures

Camera still has many pictures in it from Nik's continuing birthday surprises.  Can't wait to share all.  Today, Saturday, turned out to be a rainy day.  All soccer games were cancelled.  Truly, I'd wished we'd have known last night so we could have slept in.  Oh well, we were awake, kids were dressed for soccer so time for breakfast.  Nothing fancy today for sure.  Irina and I decided  not to go to yardsales due to all the rain.  Good decision.  So, got caught up on quite a bit of paperwork earlier and now doing some emails.  Thought I'd write on here for a little while and move onto Sam's shopping later w/ Warren.  Our monthly shopping trip where each time they say "ooh, you must be having a big party."  Umm, nope.  Just feeding the family.  Since there are no games, we already cleaned up the house early this morning, all we really have to do is veg out for once and enjoy every moment of being lazy, watching a movie or reading a magazine.  Every once in awhile, it's nice to have a down day. 

Summer, enjoying some last great times of Summer when it's not too cold out to play.  Of course in NC, my kids play outside all year long.  LOL.  

Oh, so many things I can say about this mess.  We're waiting for our shed.  It's hand built in KY & then shipped here by truck.  Takes 4 to 6 weeks.  Soon,we'll have it and the yard will no longer look this way.  Unfortunately, our grill broke.  We grill out a lot.  Love it.  We've only had our grill about 2 years and completely worn out to the point we could not salvage it to cook on.  So, Max is here turning the old grill into a work bench table for other projects.  So, not a total waste.  We reuse a bunch of things in this house to cut cost.  Trouble is, we had to buy a new grill.  No other choice.

A sign fall is in the air.  Got this from the farmer.  Beautiful mums there.

Here's Warren putting the new grill together.  Got charcoal this time.  Was cheaper of the two and Max & him decided they'd like to cook w/ charcoal this time versus propane.  Summer is just watching and Digby is standing laying guard.  

Some of the kids goofing around.  

Logan, trying to teach Nik a Bulgarian hand thing.  Not sure what it's called but something they did in the orphanage.  

Yes, we're the evil parents that make their kids eat their dinner.  No exceptions.  Can you tell Summer is not a fan of broccoli? 

Have more pictures and more stories to share but I'm really being lazy today.  LOL.  I may get to it later but need to leave for Sam's soon.  Hoping tomorrow we'll be more productive.  Or not.  Sometimes, it's nice to just veg out.

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  1. Poor summer! lol! Did you know that after 15-25 times of having broccoli her taste buds should change to tolerate that food?