Friday, September 21, 2012

Miscellaneous pictures

Today we never did make it to the corn maze.  We're back home briefly for a break.  We did manage to haul off trash today, get Nik glasses ordered, get some haircuts for the kids, go out for pizza at a new place, go to consignment shops, look for a new grill (still mad ours is busted), and back home again.  We'll be leaving soon to take Yana to look for Homecoming shoes.  Max and Bojan are hanging out at a friend's house.  Logan and Alex went to go to a friend's house but he's at his grandmother's this weekend.  So, nothing exciting but lots of little things to do for sure.  While taking a break figured I'd put some pictures up that I have before I put even more pictures in the computer. 

Bojan getting ready to practice his trumpet.  

Bojan practicing w/ a very interested audience.

Two of my kids being boring.  Not sure what Alex is trying to fix there.

Irina and Reni stop to pose for the camera.

Summer, showing her disdain for apples.  We told her you HAVE to eat the apple if you lick off the caramel.  I will, I will.  Yeh, right.  Yes, we're mean and made her eat the apple.  She used to not like grapes now she loves them.

Logan, showing off his bracelets.

They really got into making these things after someone at soccer showed Reni how.  Reni then taught the boys.  

Reni is one of our left handers.  Alyona is the other one.  She was quite proud she could make these.

Spoiled rotten dog.  LOL.  Still is 'King Kota.'  Max was half asleep here.  I'll probably catch it for posting this picture.  Oh well.  Teen shots are a rarity.  

Well, off to find Yana shoes for the big dance.  Wish us luck!  more later.

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  1. Please post photos of Yana all dressed up; she is so pretty! I remember my dances, it was so exciting.