Sunday, September 16, 2012

Miscellaneous pictures

Been a busy weekend and we'll get to all that for sure.  Soccer was literally all day Saturday.  Then, we went to order our shed.  We have to have a shed in order to get the girls and boys situated in their rooms.  Making space.  It will take up to four weeks to be delivered.  Very well built and hopefully it won't be destroyed any time soon.  Mean time, clearing room for it.  Garden will need to be moved to the other side of the yard which is fine.  We'll get there.  LOL.  I thought I'd share a few pics from Saturday's game.  Now, I didn't get any of the first last kids as I forgot my camera in the afternoon games.  So, none of Logan, Alex and Reni.  Bummed.  Reni was really bummed b/c she played goalie.  She saved the ball 4 times!  Once it got through  but she literally had it in her hands and just couldn't keep hold of it.  Coach wants to play her as goalie again.  Not bad for Reni's first time I'd say.  Both Logan and Alex played really well.  I can't remember if Logan scored one or two goals.  We're still working on him shutting his mouth.  URGHH!!!  He wants to tell everyone on the field what to do.  Drives us all nuts.  Coach reminds him many times he's not the coach out there.  LOVE his coach!  Really do.  Summer got hurt this past weekend but no big deal.  You know orphanage kids, they love the drama.  Well, I wasn't over there.  I was watching Nik's game.  Someone came to get me to say Summer was hurt.  I knew then she was just fine.  Shoot, her brothers collide w/ her on the trampoline.  The kid is tough.  Her and Nik pull all sorts of stunts in the yard.  I was NOT worried in the slightest.  However, to someone not used to the orphanage drama, it can look horrifying.  I knew better.  LOL.  I must have looked mean b/c I go up to her hug her, and start snapping my fingers in her ears.  For Summer, she'll get locked into what we call an emotional cycle and needs another noise or distraction to break the cycle.  It works.  But again, I'm sure everyone thought I was nuts.  Got her attention and asked if she wanted to go watch Nik play.  She did.  Took her over to that field, watched Nik and took her back and she played some more soccer.  One of the coaches knew that she wasn't hurt b/c I've told her in the past Summer's history/ story.  Glad I did.  That's the thing w/ orphanage kids, you never know who to tell something to.  I want them to be seen as just regular kids but when an event like this happens, I also want folks to know why and that we're not some insensitive crazy parents.  It's finding that adoption balance.  Anyhow, enough of Saturday's day.  On with some miscellaneous pictures.

Camera hog Nik.  Our friend Rebecca brought us these cups.  They're from a restaurant of course.

Those cups are the unbreakable ones!  Love these things.  Used to use them in my restaurant and believe me, they really don't break.  Blue Pepsi.  Hey, Pepsi was born in the Carolinas you know.  

Irina baked an apple pie for the season.  Can't ever get sick of apples you know.

Nik with his lunch sandwich.  

Reni wanted to pose too.  Think the jar of mayo is big enough?  LOL.

I'm not sure what's with this grin.  Nik was helping Daddy make burgers on the grill.  He was SO excited b/c usually he doesn't help.  Speech therapist and I are trying hard to remove (okay, not the best choice of words) me from a good chunk of Nik's day so he tries to communicate w/ someone other than me.  He relies on me at home, in church, in groups, etc.  In addition, he rarely ever talks to Warren.  Now, he's been opening up more and we're trying very hard to plug one on one time w/ Dad.  We've tried it in the past but it never seemed to work.  Now, Nik is more receptive.  He is finding his voice and getting more confident that he will be understood!  More on that in a totally separate post.  

Max goofing around and carrying Logan to bed.

He looks so sad here but really he's not.  He's truly just thinking.  That's the look he gets.  

Welcome to the cheesy grin club Summer.

Nik waiting for his turn on the mower.

Nik has become SO close with Summer.  She has truly given him the confidence he needed to get to want to talk and communicate w/ the world around him.  Love the bond they have together now.  Remember when you look at this picture, Nik doesn't like to touch people.

Irina, being the great big sister and helping Summer fix her hair.

My oldest and my youngest.  If you're kids say they don't want more siblings, it's normal.  In a few months time, they'll claim they never said that!  More to come tomorrow.  It has been a one thing after another type of weekend.  Crazy to say the least. 

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