Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Max's drawing

I found one that I'm not sure I posted before.  He drew a ship.  Titanic like I think.  I have been very busy the past 2 days so posting has been minimal.  Trying to get caught up in so many areas.  I'll have more later this evening on some happenings around here.  I really did not realize September would be so busy.  It is.  October is also getting pretty booked.  So far, November just has the first weekend taken.  Not sure what we're doing for Thanksgiving yet.  May go on a trip.  I won $500 worth of FREE camping so hey, you never know.  More on that later as well.  For now, quick look at what Max drew.

I think he had thrown this away as it is so crinkly.  Thought it was a fine drawing though.  He's  a perfectionist when it comes to art though.

A little bit closer of a view.

As usual, lots of details.  

I know I couldn't draw it.  I'm lucky if I can draw the shape of the canoe.  I'll have to take some of Yana's drawings as well.  She started to take art in school and has done a project recently.  Trouble w/ her, is she won't let me take pics until things are finished.  One day.  LOL.  

Break's over.  They're eating lunch and then we get back to studying.  Speech therapy is over and they just finished walking the dogs and playing outside.  Now, work time for the next two hours straight.  Told them today we must get everything done as Friday I want to do field trips.  need to call up the fire house and see if we can tour this Friday.  Then, out to Pelican's for snow cones as I have 4 tokens left.  Friday afternoon, we're making candy apples.  So, full day and getting more into fall activities.  Fun stuff.  Pumpkin patch is this month as well.  Got to go.  Church clubs this evening as well so want things done.  Thursday is our free day so plan to stay home and really review and work on a few trouble areas.  Warren is ordering a shed for us this week.  Will take about 2 weeks to get here.  Remember, it's part of the process to get the kids arranged in new rooms & have a few extra beds around here.  This weekend is soccer all day Saturday and then looking for a dress for Yana all day Saturday evening.  Sunday is church and work at home in the afternoon.  Never dull here.  I'm already missing those relaxing Summer days.  Once soccer season is over, we'll have a little more freedom.  More later.  Time to go back to work. 

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