Monday, September 17, 2012

Martha Stewart, we are not

Despite our many tries over the years of imitating Martha Stewart, we once again have proven an epic fail.  Whether it's gingerbread houses or sheets or apples, we just can't seem to make it happen the Martha way.  Today was no exception.  See, Irina and I saw a cool, easy (HA!) craft on one of the morning shows the other day.  Seemed simplistic enough.  Melt some caramel, dip some apples and then put on some candy. Viola!  Umm, nope. 

Irina cooking up the caramel.  She was commenting on just how long it takes to melt.  

Hey, at least the ingredients look good.  

Irina dipping the first apple to see if the caramel is ready.

Reni working on her apple.  Actually, the apples were so big, we cut them all in half and each ate half an apple.

Nik liked to try the candy before dipping it into the candy.  LOL.  

Irina dipping a few apples.

And this would be our finished product.  Let me just tell you, it looks nothing at all like the Martha Stewart version.  

of course, they didn't seem to mind so much what it looked like, just what it tasted like.  We talked about how many variety of apples there are and named the only apple native to North America.  Hey, might as well throw a few facts in there while we make them, right?  

We studied the Revolutionary War today and watched a movie on part of it.  It's a series on Netflix.  Nice to read and teach and then watch to back some things up.  Kids seem interested thus far so hope they can keep up the enthusiasm.  Waiting for Warren to come home.  He's cooking shrimp stir fry this evening.  Yum.  Tomorrow, Bojan has an appointment.  And some time this week we have to go finish finding Yana stuff for Homecoming.  Oy.  Busy week but hopefully we'll get it all, if not most done.  More posts to come. 

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