Monday, September 24, 2012

Manic Monday

Can't believe the weekend went so fast.  Much going on.  I'll highlight.

  • Warren is off work today and doing lots of fix it stuff
  • May take the kids to the park today
  • It's SO beautiful outside today
  • Digby needs a bath
  • RV needs washing
  • Got some awesome things at the Goodwill recently
  • Had to get a new grill this past weekend (URGHHH!!!)
  • Max fixed the swings for the little kids
  • Warren is making eggs right now
  • Yana is officially 17
  • Yana had a wonderful time at Homecoming
  • Speech therapy is this week
  • Going to the pumpkin patch for our field trip
  • Bojan gets his new leg tomorrow
  • Don't think I can afford the sibling search at this time (VERY bummed)
  • Everything in this house is breaking in tens, not threes
  • Social worker comes Wednesday
  • Need to get pictures together today
  • Need to send back an item that was ordered this week
  • Today is the first day we needed slippers in the morning
  • Going to get together a fundraiser for Nik to get much needed equipment such as ipad, fm system and eventually, Neptunes
  • Getting plans ready for many things
  • Soccer practice is this week
  • Church clubs are this week
  • Warren and I want to go somewhere for our 15th anniversary in December but probably won't happen (can dream though, right?)
  • Pinterest is going to be the death of me
  • Found out all our kitchen cabinets that are broken actually have a life time warranty.  Wahoo!!!
  • One day I'm going to get super duper organized
  • Selling lots on Craigslist
Lots of other little things happening as well.  Too long to do the long version of happenings around Chaos Manor.  We did a lot of school work today.  Actually getting ready to go downstairs and start a new chapter in science.  We're going to study the weather for about 2 to 3 weeks.  Depending upon how fast they soak it in.  We'll see.  More later on various things.

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