Monday, September 17, 2012

Manic Monday

Boy, is it ever.  Even though we're staying here all day, it's been busy all weekend long and carrying over till today.  I will have a few picture posts later to say what we've been up to lately.  For now, here's what's happening around here.

  • Had soccer all day Saturday
  • Bought a shed
  • Did no fence work
  • Found Yana a Homecoming dress
  • Went to the mall w/ a bunch of kids
  • Got the boys a few things on sale
  • Went to Wally World
  • Grill is broken.  URGHH!!!  It's not that old
  • Going camping in November
  • Going on a small trip in November
  • No idea where we're spending Thanksgiving
  • Planned all field trips for the homeschoolers for the next 3 months
  • School is starting to kick into high gear
  • Studying Revolutionary War the next few weeks as well as weather
  • Going to a corn maze on Friday
  • May go out to eat Friday w/ a Groupon I bought
  • Tired of politics altogether
  • Never filled out the I-884 forms
  • Social worker cancelled today and will come next week
  • Yana's birthday is Saturday
  • Homecoming is Saturday
  • Soccer is all day Saturday
  • Bojan has a prosthetic appointment tomorrow
  • Bojan is getting after school tutoring for band
  • Bojan still is in tremendous pain
  • Making PT arrangements for Bojan soon
  • Irina made homemade applesauce today
  • We all made caramel apples today
  • We're refi-ing the house
  • I haven't got my stuff together for the social worker yet
  • Never got that family portrait done yet.  
  • Dogs are good
  • Max cut hair this weekend
  • FAS support group meeting is tomorrow
  • No church clubs this week
  • Alyona understands NONE of the church stuff.  May pull her out.  Don't know yet.  Yana's enjoying though.  
  • Nik is talking up a storm now!
  • Putting together some fundraisers for Nik now to get Neptunes!
  • Can't believe September is half way over
  • Going through kids' clothes
  • 2 cars are almost paid off...wahoo!!!  Just a few months to go.  (like 4)
Much, much more happening here.  I will eventually get caught up.  Do believe we'll be doing a sib search/ bio parent search soon.  Again, tons of posts started on these subjects but my time the last 2 weeks seems to be being sucked away from me.  LOL.  Got to go.  Picture posts to follow.  

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