Monday, September 10, 2012

Manic Monday

Can't believe it is Monday.  Where on earth did the time go??  We have a bunch going on as usual so I'll get right to it in bullet point fashion.  I have more posts coming.  Household stuff calls first though of course. 

  • busy week
  • Bojan goes to prosthetist tomorrow.  Check socket and lift for other foot
  • Need to take Logan to the doc
  • Doc hasn't called for the vaccines that they ran out of 
  • Started walking again this morning w/ Irina
  • Going to restart cardio this evening (wish me luck!)
  • feeling very frustrated lately 
  • Max hurt his hand today at school
  • Reni is getting better w/ her attitude
  • Alyona is taking her place
  • Girls completely cleaned out their closets
  • Only one who needs clothes is Reni.  Only long sleeve shirts.  So happy.
  • Reni has learned how to play Mary had a Little Lamb on the piano
  • The kids love the piano they were given a few weeks ago and use it everyday.  Fantastic!
  • Yana is going to go to Homecoming.  Yikes!  I feel old.
  • Need to look for a Homecoming dress and it's only 12 days away.
  • Homecoming is on her birthday.
  • She asked for a dress in lieu of presents or party.
  • Irina is job hunting tomorrow morning w/ Vocational Rehab.
  • Still haven't taken back to school pics
  • Never did get a family portrait done
  • Social worker comes next week
  • Haven't heard back yet from NGO regarding Reni & Logan's sibs
  • Need to decide today about the Russian sib searches
  • Never filled out any of the I-884 forms.  May do that soon.
  • Need to get a few more kids passports.
  • planning all kinds of day trips for homeschoolers
  • Going to fire house hopefully this Friday & then out to Pelicans
  • Making candy apples this week.
  • Going to the pumpkin patch this month
  • Got a lot done today w/ homeschool stuff
  • Still not registered this year for homeschool.  Statewide system has been down forever it seems.  Try everyday.  Have till the 30th and they say we all won't be penalized but you still worry.
  • Everyone is healthy
  • Desperately going to work on getting Nik Neptunes
  • Nik needs an FM system badly as well as an Ipad
  • Very disappointed in one of my sons lately
  • Buying a shed this week 
  • Working on fence this week
  • Shopping this week
  • Working on refi this week
  • Cleaned house this past weekend
  • Planning for Christmas
  • More camping trips coming up
  • Soccer in full swing
And too many other things to name right now.  This just comes off the top of my head.  More things to share.  I know I need to answer many folks back.  I do promise to get to you soon.   Working on it for sure. 

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  1. Wow! So much going on! I'm glad I'm not the only one who is doing Christmas stuff ahead. What is an FM system (for Nik)?