Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Manic Monday-- on Tuesday

After a busy Labor Day Weekend, time to get back to work and get back organizing.  We have lots going on but trying to do it all bit by bit.  So, here's what's happening.

  • school is in session full force
  • Reni has the biggest attitude EVER!  a typical tween
  • we're stuyding inventors this week
  • we're studying presidents and the election process this week
  • still reviewing some math
  • registering them for school today as state system has been down this past week
  • never did get that family portrait done
  • way behind on emails.  I will get back to you if you wrote
  • working on the fence this weekend
  • using tax money to get sheds so that girls can move into the garage
  • soccer practice is tonight
  • speech therapy this week
  • church clubs start tomorrow
  • girls' friend is staying w/ us while her mom is out of town
  • planning all our field trips and trips
  • REALLY want to go somewhere for my 15th anniversary in December but won't happen
  • still have a pile of apples
  • making applesauce out my ears
  • want one of those cool peelers that peels the apple for you
  • too many people to thank lately
  • working on refi'ing the house
  • fence is being worked on ...ways to go
  • soccer games this weekend
  • special needs fair this weekend
  • church this weekend
  • boys room is totally disorganized
  • have fallen off the wagon in regards to exercise...getting back into it again
  • pool is Shrek green again
  • house is a disaster
  • social worker comes this month for PPR visit
  • got to get moving on so,SO much paper work
  • dying to hear about Reni & Logan's sib
  • Really going to decide for sure this week on the sib search for some of the Russian kiddos
  • need to make a photo album
  • need to have photos ready for social worker 
  • never did get that family portrait done
  • realizing I'll never be Martha Stewart
  • kids need hair cuts
Too many other things happening around here and eventually I'll get to them.  One day.  For now though, taking it one day at a time.  Got to go finish dinner as we have soccer practice soon.  I'll finish up the trip pictures later tonight.

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