Thursday, September 6, 2012

Logan's Endless Birthday

You know, I never did finish this up.  And, have quite a few more posts on his birthday.  Thanks to all who made his first b-day in America so special.  It really did mean the world to him.  So, here goes.

Yana and her friend got him a present.  I see they raided the Christmas wrapping paper but hey, it was wrapped.  And, I actaully don't think it's our paper.  

Logan ready to open gifts and I'm not sure what Max is doing.

He is by far our slowest gift opener...ever!

Do you think he's happy to get another gift.

Still smiling and he hasn't even finished opening them yet.

Just giddy w/ excitement.

How can all this joy come from simply getting him 3 boxes of candy?  

He loved them and shared.  All our kids are actually really good about sharing w/ their sibs even when it's their gift.  That orphanage mentality to share everything fortunately never seems to leave them.  Okay, they all want their own room but other than that, they truly share.

Logan then went with us to soccer and even took the candy with him!  He shared it with us on the field too.  A simple gesture made him feel so wanted.Thank you.  More posts coming on Logan's birthday.  It truly didn't seem to end which I think made it that much more special.You can see the joy in his expressions in the pictures.  He just loved it.


  1. Love the pure joy that I see on Logan's face!! It's always awesome to read your posts even if it's a serious or funny topic. I learn so much!!

  2. I had to smile at these photos. In an earlier B'day post, you commented on Alex's face in the background. Looks like your littlest guy was feeling not so excited for the attention Logan was getting.
    Can you list/do a post with the kids birthdays? I kind of feel bad that Reni's birthday was not made a bigger deal. And, Summer should have a birthday coming up soon??
    I would love to send something special for each child on their Special Day!