Saturday, September 29, 2012

Logan's drawings

Logan likes to imitate his older brother Max.  Glad he has someone to emulate now that is decent.  Okay, most the time.  LOL.  Seriously though, the older kids' orphanage is a rough place and NOT family.  Recently, Logan told us something.  See, after they've been here awhile, older kids post adoption will start to open up about their life back there and what truly went on.  Logan recalled things earlier in the week.  One older teen there named Timur, owned a gun.  Yes, real gun.  Don't ask how he got it as I'm sure it was stolen.  Though a guess, probably a very good guess.  He would go around and hit some of the other kids on the head w/ the gun.  I asked Logan and Reni why they never told the director.  They both said that Timur would kill them.  The older teen had threatened to kill anyone if they told he had a gun.  Easy threat and the rest are young enough to obey.  They didn't know they could trust someone and fear took over their lives.  This is just ONE incident folks.  There are more. I will never share all on here but will share some so that others going down this path can understand what their children went through and how that would effect them in the future once home. 

Though Max would put Logan in a head lock in a heartbeat, Logan knows he's safe here and not going to get shot unless by a nerf gun.  So, awhile back, he started looking up to his brother Max and trying to draw like him.  Though it's annoying to Max, he puts up with it.  This is a bad shot but I took it w/ a different camera.  Still, shows a few things.

This was all Logan's doing.  No gore, no blood.  Just some flowers and a bird.  Not too bad a drawing at that.

Blurry, but you can make it out.  To:  Mom  From:  Logan.  

I think this drawing says a lot coming from a post institutionalized child.  He's comfortable in his home.  He has no fear of something happening to him.  He's alright to try new things.  He can get yelled at and frankly not care.  Before, he would have blown up, screamed at me and stomped off.  Changes have happened over the last 10 months and will continue to happen.  I'm proud of how far he's come.  I will do a post in the next few weeks on the before and after and all the changes that have taken place.  Really amazing to be quiet honest. 

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  1. It never ceases to amaze me how far removed my household is from gun violence, and even just violence in general. It shocks me a little when I read stories like this. Logan must feel really secure to be able to tell you about such a big secret. Good reminder for the rest of us.