Thursday, September 13, 2012

Logan and Alex's soccer game

I know, I know, much to catch up on.  I didn't realize just how booked up September and October were going to be.  I must be crazy.  Oh well.  Maybe it will be fun.  Right now, it has been a horrible, horrible FAS day.  We have those every once in awhile.  Today was one of those days and it's 10:15 at night and still going strong in FAS world.  URGHH!!!  Makes me not want to do a field trip tomorrow with them.  I'm trying to be the adult here but boy, some days it's hard.  Warren has now taken over.  Some days, you just have to take turns with dealing with them when days like this occur.  Like we always say here... with every new day, there's fresh hope. 

Tomorrow is a new day.  We are going to the firehouse here for a field trip.  Then, to Pelicans for the last snow cone of the season.  After that, pick up food from the farmer and then home to make candy apples for a craft.  I look forward to tomorrow.  Anyhow, thought I'd share some pics from last weekend's soccer game of Alex and Logan.  So, here goes.

Alex, warming up during practice before the game.

Alex, waiting for the ball to come his way.  This too was pre-game practice.

Logan, coming through the banner.  They do this with every game. As you can see, Logan's not the tallest on the team. 

Logan is an extremely aggressive player.  Gets right in there.  

Alex, soaking himself to try to stay cool.  It's still really difficult and no answers in site. Endocrinology cleared him and said it is most likely a brain disorder.  We're guessing it's all just FAS related at this point for him.  Our goal...keep him cool.

Half time pep talk.  They all were playing so great together.  There were no substitutions since they were short players.  Alex was getting over heated but stayed in the game.

 Alex watching which way things are going.

Players from both teams at the end of the game.

End of game.  Think they're happy??  They won 5 to nothing!  

Another one of them coming off the field to get snack and post game discussions.  

After the game, we came home.  Then, we went to an RV show.  Didn't take the camera in.  But, they had free face painting.  Only Summer and Max went with us.  Summer loved it.  Cutest tiger ever!

Another shot.  It had worn off some of course.  Enjoyed our time at the show and got some ideas.  Always neat to see new things. And, splurged on a funnel cake.  Haven't had one for a year and a half.  Yum.  Summer was also a big fan.  Yep, she's mommy's girl for sure!  

Well, need to get some other things done around here.  Hoping to have more time to finish some posts tomorrow.  I literally have about 10 started.  So, you may be bombarded tomorrow evening w/ posts. LOL.  enjoy your evening.

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