Friday, September 7, 2012

Homestead Happenings

I figured I've got a few pics in the camera, might as well see what's happening around this house.   Aka...extra pictures.  enjoy!

You'd think they learn by now.  Puppies still chew.  This was Nik's brand new slipper.  Nice and soft and I got an awesome deal.  URGHH!!!!  It's something they all use in winter here and it's so cold in the house.  Fireplace draft despite covering it with plastic.  

 My little fashionista still loves this hat we got for her when we went to Bulgaria.  Doesn't matter if it's 90 degrees out or not.  She wears it well though.

Nik and Bojan just watching a movie.

A very mad teen shot.  He didn't really want to take the dog.  We swore he could beat the rain.  Out of nowhere, torrential down pour.  He was already up the street.  He was not a happy camper when he got home.  Worse part is, dog didn't even use the bathroom.  He is VERY excited about getting a fence.  

This is what happens when you cover the fruit bowl up and forget there are oranges on the bottom.  Lesson in mold.

Max, spoiling his little sister rotten.  She just adores him.  And this would be why I get hardly any teen shots any more.  Teens and a camera don't mix.

Kids studying science.  We're working on inventors this week.

Studying Eli Whitney so I went and got cotton real quick and put some flax seeds in them.  Had them pick out the seeds to see how long it took and why the machine was useful back then.  They could not imagine having to do a whole room full of cotton all day long.

 Summer and Nik made some more bird feeders.  They love doing this.

My kids have found a new love....flaxseed.  Not sure why.  Hey, at least it's good for you.  Mind you, they still love chips.

I figured a journal entry could be what is your favorite movie and why.  I went to get a shower.  Came back and movies all over the dining room table.  URGHH!

Proud of his work.

Irina helping her sibs tie on the string to hang up the feeders.  

Nik and Logan trying to build a roller coaster.  They LOVE Kinex.  I found these at a yardsale years ago for $5.  They've lost a ton over the years but still build with them everyday.  Need to find more.  Hoping in my yardsaling this season we find some.  Can't afford the new boxes.  Yikes!  

You should see the things they've created with these things  over the years.  Truly is remarkable and does get their creativity going.  Love it.  Locals if you come across some, let me know.  Others have suggested ebay so I'll try there.  Logan and Nik have become fascinated with roller coasters.  It's nuts!  

Well, more tomorrow. Warren is still not home from work.  It's almost 9pm.  And this would be why we can't finish our fence.  Oh well.  We'll figure out something.  Anyhow, we have soccer bright and early tomorrow.  First game at 8:25.  Wake up at 7am on a Saturday for soccer.  Will I really miss this when they're out of the house??  After that, we'll come home, trash to the dump and then heading to an rv show.  Kids are excited.  Well, they'll have a bunch of camping stuff too and we need just a few things and suggestions.  We'll see what all is there.  Getting ideas is always helpful.  After that, come home and it's a few hours worth of fence building.  Got to go.  I have snacks to make for tomorrow's games.  2 kids have snack tomorrow.  Bummer.

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