Thursday, September 27, 2012

Homeschool hunting

I try to incorporate various activities to provide some variety instead of just sitting in a chair all day.  Not like my children sit still anyhow.  LOL.  So, the other day we did a weather scavenger hunt since we're studying weather. 

I hid clues around the yard.  Weather facts on card stock.  Some obvious, some not.  

And, everyone was off on the hunt for facts.

Alex was looking under things and up.

Logan, hot on the trail for more clues.

This obvious one they missed time and time again for some reason.  

At times, it turned into more of a race of who could find the most cards.  18 of them were hidden in the front and side yards.

Logan studying some of the facts about the weather.

Alex, not so happy he also had to learn the facts so instead, he grabbed Wendy's coupons to read.  I guess he was hopeful.  And no, we did not go to Wendy's.  

Alyona studying the main sheet about the weather.  Place where we put all the answers to the questions.  They had a good time w/ it and the weather was perfect for being outside.  Tomorrow, we were going to go to the farm but may have to change plans b/c Bojan's leg is so messed up.  More on that later as well.  For now, need to go yell at some children who are supposed to be reading...not talking. 

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