Friday, September 14, 2012

Homeschool Happenings

We're off and running.  Sort of.  Been trying to register our homeschool and the website is down.  Big notice on there.  Happening to everyone so no big deal.  Still, I check it everyday.  Anyhow, thought I'd share a little of what we're doing. 

For art last week, I was lazy.  I admit it.  All we did was color.  Today, we'll be making carmel apples and candy on them and such.  Crafts mostly this semester with art.  None of the ones I'm working with are truly into art.  Next semester though I'd love for them to know some of the greats.  We'll see.  And learn the basics of art.  Again, a wait and see approach.

Nik was not happy b/c the first shot did not include his picture.  So, he took another one that showed his in it.  

That was not enough so he took a close up of his art work.  LOL.  Not sure what's w/ the lines in these photos today.

Love the look on Alyona's face w/ this shot.  

They all wanted to pose for the camera.  Reni's glasses were broken.  She does it rather often and we are now seeing why they didn't have any on her over there.  It's a royal pain to keep her in glasses.  She and Nik are horrible about them.

Logan, doing one of the experiments.  We were studying air pressure.

Love the Magic School bus for easy experiments to explain things.  It's awesome.  Umm, Alex was falling asleep in class that day.  Even Summer got on the act of learning.

Not sure Nik understood high and low pressure but he was participating.

We made 4 paper airplanes.  Everyone had a chance to fly them multiple times.  marked how far each one went.  Plane w/out wings, plane w/ wings, plane w/ large paper clip for hte nose, small paper clip, etc.  Went over reasons of why things were flying the way they were.  They were engaged and we generally had fun.  

Waiting for the next launch.

Digby just chillin out watching all the kids.  

Irina and Alyona taking a break for a quick pic.

Future pilot?  Think she's still sticking to fashionista right now.  

Kids just vegging out in the summer grass.  

Science we've been studying inventors w/ a lap book.  We've also been studying flight at the same time.  Art, simplistic.  PE is pretty much soccer practice, walking the dogs and playing outside games.  We have reading time every morning.  They also write in a journal every morning.  Reading comprehension is separate for everyone.  Obviously, as they're on different levels.  I still am not really in the math mood.  Doing a little but next week we must step it up a notch for sure.  It's the worst subject for every single one of them so I guess that is partially why I dread it so much.  Next week we are starting to study the Revolutionary War.  We also will be finishing up flight and starting the studying of weather.  That one I think will be a fun one.  Next week's Fun Friday field trip will be to the museums down town (free) and to the Krispy Kreme Donut Factory (yeh, that one's more for me than the kids. LOL).  It's also down town.  We'll also continue to learn how to make a few more things homemade.  I used to make soaps and sell them so I think we may in October get into making soaps again.  After the museum field trip, fun Friday field trip the following week is to the pumpkin patch.  Can't wait for that one actually.  We'll also be getting into learning more about Fall for sure.  Craft times too.  I hope we're learning enough.  With all the processing issues, we must do a lot hands on and lots of reviewing.  I have goals for everyone this year.  I'll share those in another post.  For now, need to go make some spaghetti.  Then, it's Wally World this evening and home to make cupcakes for soccer tomorrow.  Whoever thought of the bright idea as a parent to bring snacks to games I'd like to give them a word or two.  LOL.  Have a wonderful weekend and I'll have some posts this weekend for sure.  Just trying to finish up the other 14 I have started.  And no, not kidding on that number. 

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