Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Homemade Vaseline

Along with homeschooling, I'm trying to teach them how to make various things.  Lots of baking but some off the wall type stuff that is simple.  So, thought we'd try a stab at good ol' fashioned Vaseline.

Nik, getting ready to go melt it all.  In the background is homemade banana bread we made earlier.  We LOVE banana bread.  

Closer look at the beeswax pellets.  Ordered them off Amazon.  

Some of the worker bees.  Reni, Nik and Alyona.  Watching it melt is slow.

Umm, can you tell the boys were not into this activity??

It doesn't make much so we decided to make another batch of it.  This is right out of the pan.

Irina getting ready to make the second batch w/ the beeswax pellets.  Beeswax and Olive oil.  Hard to go wrong.  LOL.  

Nik helping to stir it up.  

This is when it started to solidify.  And you know, it works just like Vaseline and feels exactly the same!  

Was a nice little experiment to throw into the day.  I'll be trying to do various things like this throughout the year.  Breaks up the day and they learn something here and there.  Tonight, Wednesday, is the start of the church clubs for the semester.  My kids have taken science club, art, jump rope, ASL, cooking, etc.  Can't wait to find out what is available tonight.  Will be exciting I'm sure.  Warren and I will drop them off & then probably go out to eat.  However, this will be the only time.  The rest of the semester we're ready to stay and help out w/ the clubs where we are needed.  Let you know what they end up taking.  Got to go.  Leave soon. 

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  1. You could make play dough with them, too. I did that for Rex when he still was trying to eat everything... used a recipe that was comprised of all natural, edible ingredients, so if he did taste the play dough, it was no big deal. You can also make it smell good with some natural scented oils and use food coloring to make it fun.