Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happenings around the house

As you've noticed, I haven't been doing as many posts this week.  Time has just seemed to slip by me this entire week.  It really has.  To boot, I wasn't feeling too well last night.  So, little sleep.  One of those weeks.  But, figured I'd share some of what's been happening around here.

We are in the process of refi-ing the house.  We have locked in at 3.5% fixed which is awesome and no closing costs.  Always a hit.  It's a pretty straight forward re-fi.  Fine with us.  Should be closing soon.  This will help with the budget.  As kids get older, expenses go up.  Especially, food.  Then you have Homecomings and proms and other things in high school.  Sports cost a small fortune.  Hence, why our kids can't really play all that they want to play.  Anyhow, costs are going up, up & up.  So, we want to try to do what we can to have a little extra to help out with ever increasing expenses.  Therapy is a HUGE one.  Both Nik and Summer receive therapy.  Bojan will need PT to try to help w/ pain. He has a "protocol" somewhat to go through before they'd even consider amputation.  Despite the great pain, we still have to do everything else first.  URGHH!!! 

Well, this leads into Bojan.  He will get his new leg this coming Tuesday.  And, be fitted for a lift for the other side.  Yeh, like that will help the pain issue.  He's been to the vascular surgeon.  All was fine.  Now, he has to get a lift, go to PT and they want him to see a pain specialist.  Not doing that one b/c not giving him meds at the age of 13 for pain.  Too much an issue to get hooked too easily at such a young age.  We'll take him in a few months and say nothing's change.  And no, after 7 years, I don't expect to see any change by things we've already done in the past!  He's had PT before and a lift before.  Duh doctors.  And that's all I'm going to say about that one.

Bojan is still playing trumpet and starting tomorrow, tutoring.  He wants to get better which I admire his motivation.  Hope he keeps it up.  Wanting to save to purchase a better trumpet for him at some point as well. 

Shed.  We ordered a shed.  This is going to be to put all the stuff that is currently in the garage into.  This way, we can have some space for the girls.  Boys will be rearranged upstairs to give them more room as well.  Also, hoping that while cleaning out the garage, we can sell a few items.  Christmas is around the corner and frankly, it's just too tight this year.  Trying to find ways to make it work if you know what I mean.  So, clearing out the garage may be enlightening.  LOL.  Shed will arrive in about 2 more weeks.  Can't wait.  Yes, they'll be pictures.  Has a cool metal roof.  I picked a red one out.  Fence will be done after the shed.  Warren and Max are doing that one together.  Still need a new roof.  Not sure that will happen any time soon though.

House.  Things have been breaking left and right.  Timing.  URGHH!!!  Our mattress is ripped apart.  Lovely, huh?  Can't get a new one so putting that part at the foot of the bed.  That will buy me time, right?  LOL.  Dishwasher is broken but thankfully, it still works.  Current fix...a towel in front of it.  Adds to the decor, right?  Stove handle still broken.  Cabinets in the kitchen, still broken.  Need a new drawer, and two new doors.  Mind you, this kitchen is NOT that old.  It really isn't.  Just a couple of years old.  Stove is breaking.  It's not heating right.  Again, NOT that old.  My parents bought us for it.  It's a Maytag.  Swing set is broken.  Granted, it's about 12 years old.  Warren built it.  But kids swing on it literally every single day.  Hoping to fix it soon.  I think something on the pool is broken but can't remember what.  Warren's car can no longer be opened from the inside.  In other words, he can't get out.  It's crazy.  Really, it is.  I can name a dozen more broken things around here but I don't want to bore you.  Life happens.  Happens to everyone.  Just seems to not be coming in threes like people say but more like tens. 

Social worker comes this coming Wednesday.  Hopefully, I'll have stuff together by then.  No, nothing ready yet.  I'll get there.

Trying to find ways to fundraise for Nik.  I'll have more on that in a separate post.  Despite the many people and doctors that assume we receive some sort of subsidies or government assistance, they are sorely wrong.  Nothing comes our way in that form.  Not one dime.  We have awesome insurance which we're very thankful for.  However, it does not in any way, shape or form cover everything.  And this is stuff he needs.  Not wants, but needs.  An fm system, an ipad (I've heard of MANY getting these for their special ed kids but somehow I can't seem to), and the Neptunes.  Again, more on all this in a separate post I'm working on.

Dogs are doing great.  Ordered heart worm prevention for them today. 

Sibling/ birth parent search.  I MUST decide.  The man leaves the 25th for the region.  That's in 6 days.  He is going to Abdulino.  Where Max and Irina were from.  A lot went on in that town and I'm not at liberty to say all on here.  Suffice it to say, it'd make a good book.  Anyhow, we really want to do a search for these two.  Another reason I'm trying to save the funds.  It's very important to them later in life.  Trust me new adoptive parents, once they hit the teen years, that's when they'll crave the info.  I want to be able to give that to them.  Going to discuss w/ Warren again this evening and we'll take it from there.  There were only ever 5 kids adopted out of that orphanage to my knowledge.  It was SO remote.  VERY remote.  It's a miracle Max even ended up there.  His nationality is Kazak.  He's born in Russia.  None of my kids ever have straight forward stories.  LOL.  Anyhow, lots of info that could be obtained.  I'll let you all know as I know this is an important piece to follow along.  I will ONLY tell what my kids allow me to as this is their story to tell.  I respect that fact.  I have a feeling they'll let me share but first we must start a search. 

Geez, and that is just a tad of what's happening.  I really can't share all as it would take to long.  Just know we're booked every weekend from now till the end of November.  Yikes!  No wonder I'm tired.  Field trip is this Friday to the corn maze and then out for lunch for pizza (Groupons).  Saturday is soccer all day, Homecoming, and Yana's birthday.  Sunday, church.  And hopefully, putting up more of a fence.  So, this is a little of what's happening around here.  More to follow.  I'm sure you're bored just reading all this stuff.

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  1. Not boring at all! I love it when you post. It's easy to tell when you're really busy, because we don't hear from you for a while. It's nice when you come back and give us another peek at your "Chaos Manor".