Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Fun

Well, today we had home of course.  A friend called later that afternoon and asked if we wanted to join her at the park.  Why of course!  So, she came over and we all went to the park together.  We have many parks to choose from around here which is nice.  Picked one that the kids could play on the big field if they wanted to. 

Summer just adores Ally as you can see.  And, you can see my photographers in the background.

My little fashionista.  Bow in hair and don't you love the scarf?  Skirt too big.

Alyona and Ally having some fun rolling down the hill.

Max giving Nik a hand so he doesn't fall.

Nik getting across on his own.

Summer enjoying going down the slide.

Nothing like rolling down a hill.  These two are going for it again.  They checked first though and it was a fire ant land mine.

Look at how much room they have to play ball!

Summer and Nik.  

Look at that blue sky.  She really was just having a blast.

Nik loving every minute of his playground time.  

 Max, just chillin' out.  He's great w/ his younger sibs.

Reni stopped for just a second to humor mom w/ a picture.

Logan trying to spin a ball on his hand.

Alex, trying to cool off.  He's not mad, but over heated from playing soccer for so long.

They're all playing on the field.  So much space.

Nik, not looking at me b/c he's in time out for a bit.  He was throwing his shoes from the top of the hill.  Nik and Alex love to throw.  Hard habit to break but we're working on it.  

We all had a really good time. I enjoyed having a conversation with someone other than a kid.  LOL.  Kids loved all their out door time.  We came home and some did some more school work.  Others rested w/ a movie.  Got to go get ready for bed.  Soccer is way too early for us tomorrow.  Hope you all have a great weekend. 

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