Monday, September 17, 2012

Firehouse Fun

We homeschool some of the kids.  7 of them.  Well, technically, Summer is not in school yet.  But, she's learning too.  On Fridays, I have fun Fridays.  Or field trip Fridays if we can.  One Friday, we went to the park.  This past Friday, we went to the local Fire Station to learn a bit about what they do.  This Friday, we're going to a corn maze and then possibly another place.  Both being done with Groupons.  Next Friday, we'll be going to the Pumpkin Patch.  Friday after that, the park.  Friday after that, museums.  You get the picture.  Told them though one Friday we're just going to stay home, watch movies, and drink hot cocoa.  LOL.  Planetarium is also on our list.  As well as a trip to the campgrounds again and then a big surprise trip which the kids don't know about.  Since my older kids read this some, I am not saying now where we are going in November.  Suffice it to say, we're going to enough places for the next few Fridays.  So, wanted to share our visit with our local fire house.

Kids, getting their first look at the trucks.  They really are huge.

Fire fighter Dane talking about the oxygen tanks and why they don't have oxygen in them.  

All their trucks were pristine clean.  You could literally eat off that fire station floor.  That is the one thing my kids kept saying.  Why's it so clean?  

So much to see on all the fire trucks and so much to learn.  There are so many equipment nooks and crannies in these trucks.  Amazing how much they carry.

Nik wasn't into all the talking so much but he loved finding the moths on the garage window.  LOL.  

First attempt at a group shot minus Irina.  She told me she didn't want to wear the hat.  LOL.  Understandable.

 2nd attempt was better except for Logan.  But, we went with it. 

Summer, sporting her new fireman hat.

Reni wanted her picture taken with the hat of course.

Logan and Summer arm wrestling.  

 Happy as a clam. 

I think the fire house field trip was a success.  Big thank you to the Cleveland Fire Department here in NC!  They were a great set of guys.  So glad to have them in our community.

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