Saturday, September 22, 2012

Field Trip Friday (part 2)

We left off sitting outside enjoying the shade finally and the nice weather.  It truly was a spectacular day.  Relaxing despite all the running around.

Ahh, they thought of my kids before they came.  LOL.  Alyona was so proud of herself b/c she read the sign all by herself.  

Reni, ready for her pizza to come.  Remember, she's our pizza fanatic.

This is where we went.  Small little place but tons of character and the waiter was wonderful.  They have a place inside and outside to eat.

Irina and Summer enjoying each other's company on the last day of Summer.  Fall started today.  

This is by far the best pizza we have ever had.  The best.  We definitely are going again.  Next time they have a groupon.  It's half price w/ the groupon deal so it helps a lot.  

Summer handling that glass cup like a pro.  No sippy cups so you go with the flow.  Glass it is.  And not even a one spill!  I still think she is so stinking cute.

Alyona looking very sweet.  She really enjoyed her pizza.

Sign of a successful trip is always a sleeping child. 

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