Saturday, September 22, 2012

Field Trip Friday (part 1)

On Fridays, the homeschoolers and I will have either fun Friday or field trip Friday.  Last week, we went to the fire house.  Today, we went to do a pile of errands and then out to lunch.  Trash got hauled off.  Trust me, that's important.  Some of the kids got hair cuts.  We were able to go to a few consignment shops.  75% off at some so .75 for a few shirts isn't bad.  We went to look for a grill unsuccessfully.  Hoping to find some on sale.  Ours is completely broken.  Also, went to get Nik new glasses that will hopefully not bother his implants.  Anyhow, after all that, we went to down town Raleigh to go out for lunch. 

Summer, all ready to start her meal.  

What a gorgeous day to sit outside in the sunshine.  Irina and Alyona.

Nik & Gramps  Dad (tell you about this one later.  LOL) smiling for mom.

Mom, it's a little hot out here.  I'm still on Bulgarian temps, not NC temps.

Reni, amusing mom for the camera.

Wait.  Are those not so happy faces I see?  Was it a mistake to sit outside?

Nik, playing w/ his water.  We all had water.  Right before this though, I had soda in the cooler in the van.  A treat.  We'd love to have it w/ our meal every once in awhile but w/ a bigger family, that adds up.  Kids were fine w/ drinking it in the car and still chugged down 2 big glasses of water each.

It's a little hot out here mom.

Going a tad crazy are we Irina?

Alex's face says it all.  He was too hot as were we all.  Yet, we still wanted to sit outside.  

Ahh, compromise.  Found some shade and we all were very happy.  Part 2 to come tomorrow.  Need to get to bed to get ready for Camp Woodbine tomorrow.  It's for HOH kids and their families.  Haven't been for 2 years.  Year before last, Nik had surgery.  Last year, we were due in Bulgaria but then the date got changed.  So, we're back this year and can't wait!  More happenings tomorrow.  Have a great weekend everyone.

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