Sunday, September 30, 2012

Field Trip-- Corn Maze

This year since Homeschool Academy was booked full for classes, we decided to do fun Fridays or Field Trip Fridays.  So far, we've gone to the park, Fire Department, Errands and pizza, corn maze, etc.  This week, it was the corn maze.  We were supposed to go on Friday but Bojan had to get his leg adjusted and things just didn't work out.  So, today it was.

Alyona and Reni.  They're friends today.  LOL.  Yesterday was a fight fest.  True sisters for sure!

My two youngest...Summer and Nik waiting to go into the corn maze.

I wanted to ask if I could take this sign home.

Read it.  Pretty funny.  BTW, there REALLY are corn cops in the maze!  Had to ask one of them twice which way to go.

 1 no smile, 2 fakes smiles, and 1 real smile.  Best I could get out of them.

A shot of what the maze looks like.  someone said it was a couple of miles of walking.  I didn't believe them at first.  Umm, after the maze I changed my tune.

Not sure what Reni is trying to convey here.

Nik, holding the flag.  We all took turns holding the flag.  You wave it if you need help.  Like emergency help or you give up kind of help.  I guess the people got used to my kids waving the flag.  No one came to help.  Thank goodness.  

You take these cards and have to try to find the letters to hole punch at each station.  Spells out Ken's Corn Maze.  You would think this would be easy.   I thought it was stupid last year when I heard of someone getting lost in one of these things & having to call 911.  I don't think it's stupid.  That's why they give you the flags here. 

Summer and Nik.  Always smiling.

Water break station was nice to have as we didn't think it would be that hot.  Ha!  We live in NC and should know better.  Most the time we have a case of bottled water in the back of the van in case we get stuck in traffic or car breaks down or emergency.  Or just b/c it's so stinking hot here.  Today was really mild by NC standards but still a bit warm.  So water was a welcomed site for us all.  

This was at the break station.  And nope, no clues from above.  Just corn as far as the eye can see.  

First attempt at a group picture.

Second attempt at a group picture.  Neither was all that great.

He's smiling b/c he thinks we're almost done. 

More pictures in part 2.  Have some more paperwork to do downstairs.  Running out of time to redo the voter registration thing so must get on that.  There is paperwork everywhere downstairs for some reason.  Refi-ing this week.  Much, much to do so need to finish this post up later.  For now, this was part of our corn maze field trip. 

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