Sunday, September 23, 2012

Camp Woodbine

Well, this is post 7 for today.  I'm slowly but surely going to maybe catch up this week.  Maybe.  Yesterday, we went to Camp Woodbine.  It is for HOH children and their families.  It's awesome to say the least. 

Irina and Alyona waiting around after registration.  They're divided into groups based on age.  Irina does more of a helping out role which is awesome.  

Warren, helping Alex put sunscreen on so he doesn't burn.  It was 90 that day.  

wow!  Look at all those participants ready to have some fun.

A closer view and you can see a few of my kids.  Alex, Alyona, Irina and Nik.  Others were standing somewhere else.

Umm, don't tell Summer she's a girl!  She's got some power!  Look at her pull.  There were only 3 people in her group which made it nice.  Only 3. 

Close up of her flower.  She loved getting her face painted.

Alyona taking a water break w/ her group.  Did I mention it was SO hot?

Reni waiting for the parachute game to begin.

Summer, showing some her treasures she collected with her group.

Reni was so excited to start the archery  lesson.  Glad we don't have one of these at home.

Nik, trying his hand at archery.  He too loved it.  Not a bad shot either.

Alyona, taking a a break for lunch.  It was about the only time I saw the older kids.  They went on the ropes course, zip line, geo catching, archery and a few other things.  Her smile says it all.

A quick break for Logan for lunch. It was burgers, hot dogs, chips and cookies.

Alex enjoying his slushie.  Blue tongues all around.

Part 2 coming later.  Trying to get everyone ready for bed while Warren ran to Walmart to get butter.  Making Yana's cake to sing to her.  Doesn't really want a cake but we told her you have to as we're all hungry for cake.  LOL.  She wants a cheesecake which she'll be making with a neighbor later this week. 

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