Sunday, September 23, 2012

Camp Woodbine (part 2)

We left off at lunch time.  Oh, 3 of the kids stayed at home. Yana, Max and Bojan.  Hence, why there are no pictures of them.  As you can see though, they missed a very beautiful day and fun for ALL ages.  More activities came after lunch.

Reni proudly showing off her crafts she made.  The rain stick w/ corn was cool.

Nik getting his face painted w/ a monkey.

Nik, not quite sure about petting the horse.

Nik did manage to pet the horse.

Alex, getting ready to shoot.

Logan and Alex.  I think they were having a blast.

Nik, loving every minute of this event.

Irina, stopping to help Summer with her hair.

After lunch was a martial arts demonstration.  At first, the girls weren't too into it.  That quickly changed.

Can you see where I  would be concerned w/ FASers trying this at home??  No one has...yet.  They've been watching more martial art movies though.  This guy broke the concrete.

They all got to practice basic moves afterwards.

Even Ms. Summer got in on the action.  

This guy was so great.  Took time to talk to all the kids and teach them things.

This was on our way out.  Isn't it just gorgeous?!  We had such a nice time on Saturday and can't wait to go back.  Even met up w/ an old friend who is going to help me try to break Nik's dependency on me.  She's great w/ kids and an interpreter too.  It's a win-win.  Can't wait.  

Just happened to see these in the cup holder.  GET THEM!  They support adoption & it's only a $1 for a coupon book of 10.  In other words, 10 cents a cup.  Yes, we went to Wendy's.

Alyona showing off her passport of everything she did that day.

Nothing beats a chocolate frosty on a hot day.  It was just the thing to top off our day.  After 8 posts, it's time to call it a night. 

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