Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bojan's leg

Bojan is missing a leg.  Aka they call him...above knee amputee.  Congenital for him.  Always had it or not as the case may be.  Bojan is 13yo and hitting a growth spurt pretty rapidly.  He is taller than me now and almost taller than Max.  New leg is needed frequently.  So this past Tuesday, he got one.

Shows Bojan's new knee.

And with the socket.  We did not have time this go around to get a design on it as it was critical he get a new leg asap.  Bojan at first didn't like the knee but now he does.  Well, yesterday he was in a ton of pain.  What happened is the socket was made too high and was rubbing.  Ridges formed on his skin.  This has not happened to him since we first got him...6yo.  Immediately called the doc and Bojan is coming in to fix the issue tomorrow, Friday.  This office is always top notch & always willing to work him in.  They will grind the socket down a couple of inches.  We are hoping all his new leg and hardware last him for quite some time.  He just is growing so stinking fast though.  We are very thankful we have a wonderful clinic that handles all this and wonderful insurance that takes care of it for us.  Bojan's prosthetic has allowed him to do anything.  He also has a running leg he received through a grant years ago.  They are trying to adjust it now to make it work since he grew so much.  The only issue we have now, is both the clinic and us have tried to get his doctor at Duke to sign the script that's needed to file.  It's been approximately 2 weeks and he still won't sign it.  We're all frustrated.  Great doc but Duke for us has been horrible w/ scheduling and handling "the little things" as we call them.  Like a 2 second signature.  Otherwise, everything has gone well this go around for things.  

Many think missing a leg is hard to deal with.  Bojan has told me it's not.  No big deal for him or us for that matter.  It's never been odd for us.  Now, when new kids first come home, they're nervous but that's to be expected.  Everyone could careless around here whether he has a leg or not.  They're more interested if he does his share of chores around here. LOL.  Yes, imagine we make him walk the dog.  We were at a campground this summer and I was walking ahead of him w/ one of the other kids I think.  A golf cart stopped and asked him if he wanted a ride.  He said no.  I asked him later why.  He said b/c I knew if I took the ride you'd yell at me b/c I can walk by myself.  He's right. 

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