Thursday, September 27, 2012

And the birthday continues

As if Nana's package was not enough, another arrived.  This time from a sweet family named the DeMatteos.  The whole family took time to send Nik a message and a few gifts that will rule the house the next few weeks.  You'll see what I mean in a moment. 

We were stunned to see this huge box on the front porch.  I thought Nik was going to jump out of his skin.  LOL.  He was screaming w/ delight.

100 colored pencils!  Do you know they have been coloring nonstop since Nik got these?  I don't just mean the little kids either!  It's great b/c the box it comes in is also a case w/ individual holes for the pencils.  Makes it so much easier than digging through our bin of broken pencils and crayons.  

He opened this larger package next.  All are in total suspense.

I know this is blurry and I sure do wish I could have had it clearer. It is simply put pure and utter JOY.  This is the one thing he wished for on his birthday.  A Kinex Roller Coaster.  See, the few days before he even got this, he was typing in on You Tube Kinex Roller Coasters and practically drooling over them.  Saying "see, Mom."  This picture needed a sound track b/c it was like the screams you hear on Christmas morning from kids.  Just joy.

 I think the other boys are happy b/c they know they get to help put it together. 

Sketch pad was the next gift opened and was also a hit.  Since he was always stealing Max's paper to draw on, Max was very thrilled Nik received this gift.  

Nik, still focused on that roller coaster.  I honestly think that truly made his year.  Today, they are putting it together.  They've been working in pairs on it.  It's not small.  I still can't get over the generosity of so many that have made his birthday such a celebrated time.  As it should be.  Nik had such a horrible first few years of life, he should be celebrated now.  He needs to understand he is indeed cared about.  I thank each and every one of you for helping to do that.  I will have shots of the fridge once all the cards are in.  I have more gifts, cards, etc. but the camera still has images on it.  It will have to wait a bit longer.  Hope you've enjoyed it so far. I know I have and Nik definitely has.   He is in bed now w/ a gift he hasn't let go of.  I will dump more images off the camera tomorrow and get some more posts up.  Just been super busy lately.  I feel bad for not saying thank you sooner to some of you folks.  Just know I am humbled by all the sweetness and love surrounding Nik.  Means more than you'll ever now.  Thanks for sharing this time with me. 

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  1. I know that's heaven, isn't it?