Sunday, September 23, 2012


Someone wrote and asked me to explain a few of the abbreviations I use.  I completely forget sometimes that not everyone has done an adoption and also not everyone is from this country that reads this blog.  So, figured I'd write a couple and give some definitions.

PPR-- post placement report.  We do these after every adoption according to the country's rules.  For Russia, we had to do them for 3 years.  For Bulgaria, it's two years worth of reports.  It's to tell how the kids are doing.

HS-- homestudy.  Must have one to complete any adoption.  It contains information about your family.

SSI-- social security income.  This comes from the government.  It's a supplemental income for adults that have disabilities and will never be able to attain a regular paying job.  By that I mean more than minimum wage.  It helps to offset some costs.  In that states, some people apply for it w/ younger kids w/ disabilities.  Some of our kids qualify.  We choose not to apply when they are younger as we have excellent insurance (for now, but that's a whole other post!) and most our costs are covered.  The rest we budget like crazy for.

RAD-- reactive attachment disorder

FASD-- fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.  This disorder is where the birth mother drank while in utero and the child has many life long brain damage.

PTSD-- post traumatic stress disorder

IEP-- individual education plan (puts accommodations in place for your child to succeed in school)

PI-- post institutionalized.  This is where a child has lived in an institution such as an orphanage and is now out of that environment.  Tons of adjusting to do.

ONH-- optic nerve hypoplasia

LOL-- laugh out loud.  Okay, so I had to put this one on here b/c my husband HATES it when I put this one in any of my paragraphs.  

There are many, many more abbreviations we use here but figured I'd highlight a few of the ones we use more often.  Any others, please don't hesitate to ask.

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