Friday, September 21, 2012

A litte about Nik

The other day I wrote about Nik and a simple birthday request for cards.  I can tell you right now, he is going to have an AWESOME birthday thanks to a bunch of caring readers.  I honestly can not wait to take pictures of him going to the mailbox.  I've had quite a few requests and I'm trying to answer as quickly as I can.  Since many have written the same thing and asked the same questions, I figured I'd write a quick post on Nik and what he likes, who he is, etc. 

So, here goes.  Nik is 9yo.  He'll be turning 10 but developmentally is not quite at that age.  He and Reni are the same age but Reni is steps above him in many areas.  Nik's favorite color is orange.  Ironically, so is Reni's.  Nik loves to wear stuff like his big brothers such as necklaces.  He is very much into creating things.  He LOVES to draw.  Steals Max's sketch pads whenever he gets the chance.  Yeh, that can cause a scene at times.  LOL.  Nik thinks outside the box.  Since he is deaf, everything is very visual for him.  Colors seem to stand out for him.  Nik is absolutely fascinated w/ rollercoasters.  Loves watching them on You Tube and then tries to build them w/ his kinex pieces.  He, Summer and Logan spend a lot of time building w/ Kinex and creating all sorts of things.  It really is cool to watch what they come up with out of those plastic pieces.  Nik loves anything that flies.  He watches the little gliders we had and spins his head when they spin.  Clenches his hands together and jumps up and down when he watches them.  Nik, like our other kids, is all about the great outdoors.  My kids spend hours a day outside. 

All in all, Nik is a little boy that loves to play.  He enjoys new experiences though nervous at first.  He's our artist, he's shy, he's loving, he's just simply a joy to be around.  I still kick myself sometimes for checking that stupid box of things you can't handle.  Anyhow, he is here and enjoying life.  Thanks to many, many of you all, he will enjoy it much, much more very soon.  This birthday will indeed be one to remember.  I hope this answered a few questions.  I do hope I got back to everyone.  If not, please remind me. 

Off to errands.  Our corn maze apparently does not open till 4pm.  URGHH!!!  So, errands this morning, out for pizza (love groupon), back to let out dogs, pick up Yana and go find her shoes for Homecoming.  Tomorrow is Camp Woodbine.  They'll definitely be lots of pictures this weekend.  Busy couple of days but I think we'll have some fun.  Weather is supposed to be gorgeous as well.  Have a great Friday and thanks so much for thinking of Nik.  He's been through a lot in his little life (much I have kept private on here), and deals with many effects of that life on a daily basis.  I like to give joy in his life.  Thank you all for helping me achieve this simple life pleasure of joy for Nik. 

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  1. I still need an address when you get a chance. Thanks!!!