Saturday, September 22, 2012

17 years old today! & Homecoming

I'm going to state for the record my age is wrong.  There is no way I'm old enough to have a daughter going to Homecoming.  No way.  Just saying.  Today was busy as usual but a good kind of busy.  We did not do soccer today.  We went to Camp Woodbine and I'll discuss that in another post.  For now, the one is about Yana. Today is her birthday!  She turned 17yo. So hard to believe.  Accomplishment in oh so many ways.  We brought her home at 8.5.  As you know in the adoption community, it's kind of a bit of a celebration when the kids have been home longer than they lived at the orphanage.  And, that was today.  Her life would have been totally different had she stayed over there.  I'm not sure she realizes how differently though.  We don't focus on that.  We focus on the life here and now. 

Yana didn't want anything for her birthday.  Just a dress for Homecoming and to go to the dance.  So, that is what she did.  She bought a new dress w/ her birthday money along w/ a few other things to go with it.  Dance started at 8 this evening.  Goes till 11:30 and they were going to eat afterwards.  12:30 is her time to be home.  So, I know you don't want to read a whole lot so thought I'd get to the pictures. 

One of Yana's best friends came down just to do her hair.  We LOVE this girl.  We call her our "11th child."  She practiced on Irina's hair and mine first before she did Yana's.  

The classic "Mom, I told you not now!" picture.  Have to have one of those  you know.  

Nice guy and great sport to put up with all the little kids wanting to ask ten thousand questions and look at his tie.  Poor guy.  Hey, he knows this is Chaos Manor as he lives a few doors down from us.  Clearly, we did not think this through...a shot in the kitchen.  It was dark outside though.  We're learning.  

 Great sports these three letting me take pictures.  You all know those teen shots are rare and typically, I don't take many of them and post them in respect for their privacy.  However, it IS Homecoming tonight and I AM the Mom.  LOL.  It's my duty to take pictures of my kids finally dressed up.  

 Yana with her date.  Though I've been told we are just friends mom.  You other moms know the lecture you get if you dare make the assumption.  LOL. 

Yana with one of her friends.  They've been friends for awhile now.  

17 years old and all smiles.  Growing up fast.  Thought she looked beautiful tonight.  Hope she has fun at her Homecoming.  Thanks all for letting me take a few pictures.  And, for putting up with all the commotion in the room.  Trying to keep camera hogs out of the picture was tough.     Happy 17th Birthday Yana!  Hope you had a wonderful time.


  1. Wow! She is gorgeous. Her dress is absolutely darling. Sigh...I remember those days. So pretty.

  2. What a radiant beauty! perfect dress choice and shoes. Hope they had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing.

  3. She looks stunning. And what a pretty dress she picked out, too.

  4. С днем рождения Яна!! Many happy returns. And a big congratulations to the family on the joyous occasion of being home longer than being at an institution.

  5. Happy 17th Birthday, Yana! You looked absolutely stunning in these photos. I hope you had a wonderful time and that you made memories that you will carry for a lifetime! Love You ~ Jo