Friday, August 3, 2012

What's broken?

In a house with kids, things will get broken.  In a house with ten kids, things will get really broken.  In a house w/ 10 kids w/ special needs mixed in, things get broken...every...single day.  I will never forget when we were going through intensive in home therapy with a few of our kids years ago.  I made a comment I was tired of things getting broken.  I said things get broken every single day here.  She said "oh Stephanie, I'm sure you must be exaggerating about that as things can't possibly break every single day here."  Ha!  Clearly, she didn't understand Chaos Manor at the time.  So, that week I kept a journal of what got broken, how it got broken and who broke it.  The look on her face was priceless.  It really was.  She looked at me and just said I'm so sorry.  You have to find humor in it all though or you'll lose your mind.  Like yesterday.  The upstairs hallway is not painted.  Along with the trim.  One child decided the doors needed repainted so now we have 4 doors we'll have to paint this weekend.  URGHH!!!   But, that type of thing 

 This is a camera.  Max's camera.  He decided to take it apart b/c it's broken.

Irina, showing the broken ladle. 

 Can you even guess this broken item? 

It's the stove and unfortunately, the handle is the first of it's problems.  Kind of disappointed as my parents bought this for us just a few short years ago.  Handle is completely broken off.  Called the repair guy...$200.  No thank you.  We've gotten used to it. Next issue is we're not sure the heating element is going or what.  It takes forever to boil water.  And I mean forever.  We're starting to have to plan ahead.  Oven seems to be holding it's own but the stove top is going and we know it.  It's a Maytag if you're wondering.  We practically drool over new stoves at Lowes but not in the budget.  Doesn't hurt to look...every single time.  LOL.  

Thing are broken every single day here.  And it's not all little stuff either.  Nothing you can really do though but clean up the mess, explain to them what not to do (yet again) and move on. 

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