Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What happens when my kids watch the Olympics?

Forgot to add to my last post something that Bojan said.  He said "Remember mom when we used to ditch Logan?"  I said yes.  He said "well, we like him now."  That spoke volumes despite it not being put in the nicest way possible.  It showed that they were getting to know Logan for who he was.  They let him in and got to know him.  And all it took was tools and a project.  Shoot, I may keep them making stuff the rest of the summer. 

Onto this post.  My kids have been watching the Olympics on and off.  Been good for everyone really.  Logan and Reni decided they are no longer rooting for Bulgaria b/c they're "losing" too much.  LOL.  You do tend to look out for Bulgaria, Russia and Serbia once you adopt from there.  Kind of neat.  So today they were watching synchronized swimming.  What do you think happened?? 

Summer, just getting started on her event.  

She's really trying to straighten those legs.

 Max, giving his best impression and begging me not to take a picture.  So of course I have to take more. 

Believe it or not, this is an action shot of Max falling out of the chair.  Yeh, I'd say synchronized swimming is not his event.

Nik and Logan watching the Olympics in a normal fashion....for now.

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  1. CUTE photos!
    Tell Reni and Logan to watch men's volleyball, it's likely that the Bulgarians will medal. Actually tomorrow's semifinals is BG vs. RU... it will be interesting to see who roots for who in your house! :)