Friday, August 24, 2012

What Dogs CRAVE

Well, this month even the dogs got a CRAVEBOX.  And boy, did they enjoy it.  So did I.  Many great items and once again, well worth more than the $10 I paid for it.  It was either $10 or $11 for this limited edition box.  They do these extra boxes.  I don't get all of them but sometimes will grab one.  The pet box was one I wanted.  Shoot, we have 3 dogs.  Bound to be something we'll use in there. 

As w/ people Craveboxes, the dog ones come just as pretty packaged up.

The kids are just as anxious as the pups to see what's inside.

Look at all these goodies inside!

The dogs enjoyed these chewy treats.  Even came w/ a $5.00 rebate form for later.

Chewies are always a favorite for our dogs at this house.  Digby of course buried his in the flowerbed.  He always does.

These are samples of the dogfood.  Our dogs loved it so much, they spit out their old dog food.  No lie.  It was all over the floor.

Bandana for the pooches.  

Do you think the pups are ready for their treats??

Alaska getting one of her bones.

Not long after this Digby ran outside to bury the bone.

A great mat for the dog bowls.  It's in use right now.  

All in all, an awesome Cravebox limited edition one.  Dogs think so too.  I absolutely love the Craveboxes we get and the money's worth in them. 

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