Friday, August 3, 2012

Too funny not to share

Okay, sometimes my kids take my camera unbeknownst to me.  Well, this happened a few weeks ago.  The girls' friend had the camera so you're hearing her voice.  See, Logan and Alex were fighting.  Got in trouble and had to do a punishment chore.  Just so happens the night before we had fish for dinner.  There was raw fish juices in the garbage can and who knows what else.  It is a garbage can after all.  Told the boys to go out and clean the can.  I had no idea this was on there.  I was cracking up.  It's long but parts of it are just too funny not to laugh.

This was from the summer time in July.  Hot outside.  At one point, Alex is inside peering out the bathroom window laughing at Logan.  And of course, Irina has to play mean later on.  LOL.  I'm going through old half finished blog posts.  So, you may wonder why some are from so long ago.  There's your answer.  Love the fact that though they're in trouble, seems to be a lot of giggling going on.  Logan still has an accent but boy his English has gotten so much better.

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