Wednesday, August 1, 2012

This and that

Well, we have been hanging around with our wonderful house guest  Courtney.  Kids don't want to see her go.  She came a few weeks ago.  She's awesome.  Way too sweet to be with this bunch!  Anyhow, thought I'd share what we've been up to this week.  We have VBS every night.  Kids have been going to that.  Irina and Yana are volunteering with it this year.  Thursday is the last night of VBS.  Today, we did a bunch of errand running.  Went to the schools and let me tell you a bit of what crap is happening with that.

First, still waiting on Cleveland Middle.  Made the request in MAY but not in writing mind you, for an IEP meeting for Alyona to start middle school in a self contained classroom.  Normally, this wouldn't be an issue.  However, the only self-contained classroom is not in her 'home' school (the one we're districted for).  Complicated process and I knew that going in, hence, why I started in May!  URGHH!!!  I may show up in person w/ all 10 and just do a sit in.  What do you think??

Went to the high school this morning.  Ahh, the high school.  The place I thought had it together....W..R..O..N..G!  Went to get the driver's eligibility forms and report cards.  Went to the office and received the report cards.  Yana's had a waiver so she was going to 10th grade.  Max's did not have said waiver and said he failed and was going to be retained!  Umm, shocker shall we say.  Now, before school ended, I was told he didn't pass math (remember, his severe math disability which is NOT his fault & well documented in testing??). However, I was assured he was going to waiver and would be passed through given all the circumstances.  Left hand, please meet the right hand.  They can't do anything now of course as school's out for the summer.  Lovely.  Now, Max was looking forward to today and getting his driver's form back so he can get his license back.  See, in this state, if you fail a class, your license is taken away.  And get this, he has to fail TWICE in math in order to get a waiver/ opt out and take another class such as drafting or something of that nature.  I'm so mad!  Makes no sense if you have a well documented disability stating that math is a no go so to speak.  All else is fine.  This is just math.  Why is the school punishing him twice for something he can't help??  I just don't get it. 

I've written the special ed counselor.  Of course, you won't hear back till school starts.  Max is so smart in many areas.  I don't want you all to think otherwise.  He truly is very mechanically inclined and talented as you've seen.  This is really not sitting well w/ me what happened.  I'm sure I'll be in a fight for this one too.

What else did I realize today?  That Alyona may never graduate.  Why?  Because our governor in this state passed something that requires all high schoolers to take CPR in order to graduate.  Well, Alyona can't even press hard enough to give CPR, let alone remember the steps of what to do.  Are there exemptions to this requirement?  Haven't heard of any as of yet.  URGHH!!! 

In addition, all math requirements are changing this year.  I'm sure that will work out.  Ha! Just not pleased w/ the schooling here.  Never have been.  No secret here.  I guess my downfall is I'm hopeful that every year it will get better or change.  Never does.  They seem to always make things worse.  Especially, for the special ed population.  I will take a deep breath, let it all simmer until Friday.  Friday, head offices will be called.  Take it from there.  There is obviously way more that happened than what I've written.  Trust me, takes too long to explain it all.  Tomorrow is a new day, fresh start. 

After the school, decided we needed a pick me up.  Went to Pelican's Snow Cones.  Yumm.  Never had been before.  We have now all found our new indulgence.  Better than ice cream and much cheaper.  I forgot my camera so totally bummed about that.  I had kiwi flavor.  Delicious.  Went home, ate lunch.  Then, we headed to get the kids haircuts.  Again, forgot camera.  Reni was traumatized.  Remember, still fresh from the orphanage.  Girls covet long hair as typically, they shave theirs over in orphanages to keep lice at bay or keep things manageable.  I asked Reni if they cut her hair short over there and she just cried.  Some things, you just don't forget.  I assured her, it truly was just a trim.  She was not buying it.  It really was just a trim.  So, she cried.  Opposite end of the spectrum was Summer who was excited beyond belief to get her hair trimmed up.  Alex didn't go ballistic which was a relief. 

Then, we went to get peanut butter and something else for dinner at the grocery store.  Came home and off to VBS later.  Tomorrow, I'm not sure what all we'll be doing.  Hoping to swim.  Got to get some sleep this evening.

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  1. Awwies, sorry to hear that Reni had a hard time with the haircut. Did you know that JcPenneys has free haircuts this month for Kindergarten through 6th grade? Just wanted to let you know so maybe you can trim everyone up at the end of this month in time for pictures or whatnot. :)